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Winter Mexican Avocado Tree, Grafted

Winter Mexican Avocado Tree, Grafted

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Introducing our Winter Mexican Avocado Tree - Cold Hardy and Grafted, For Sale from Everglades Farms in Florida! Discover the perfect addition to your garden with our exceptional avocado trees. Here's why our Winter Mexican Avocado Tree stands out:

  • Unmatched Cold and Heat Tolerance: Thrive in diverse climates! The Winter Mexican Avocado Tree boasts remarkable adaptability to both cold and heat, making it an ideal choice for various growing conditions.

  • Rich and Creamy Texture: Indulge in the delightfully lush experience of our avocado's firm flesh. With a substantial 30 percent oil content, the large, tender-skinned, green fruit offers a rich and creamy texture that's a culinary delight.

  • Impressive Cold Tolerance: Defying the cold down to 22°F, our avocado tree is a robust choice, ensuring your harvest remains safe even in chillier weather conditions.

  • Vigorous Growth Potential: Given the right nurturing conditions, the Winter Mexican Avocado Tree can soar to over 40 feet in height, providing not only delicious fruit but also an impressive addition to your landscape.

  • Tailored Sunlight Needs: Flourishing in both full and partial sunlight, our avocado tree can adapt to your garden's unique lighting conditions, allowing for flexible placement options.

  • Homestead, Florida Nurturing: Cultivated in our very own plant nursery nestled in the subtropical haven of Homestead, Florida, our avocado trees benefit from the bounties of this favorable climate, ensuring you receive robust and healthy plants.

  • Optimal Age in 3-Gal Container: Enjoy the advantage of an avocado tree that's in its prime. Our Winter Mexican Avocado Tree, housed in a 3-Gal plastic container, boasts an average age of 12-18 months, poised to kick-start your avocado-growing journey.

  • Tower of Greenery: Welcome a young tree into your space, standing approximately 2 feet or taller, promising a vibrant and growing presence in your garden.

  • Convenient Shipping: Receive your Winter Mexican Avocado Tree directly at your doorstep, expertly packaged in a 3-Gal plastic container, ready for planting and nurturing.

  • Harvest Delight: Anticipate a bountiful harvest season during October and November, as our avocado tree produces ample green fruit weighing in at 6-12 oz., delivering a delicious bounty for your culinary creations.

  • Fruitful Attributes: Delight in the beautiful green hue of the fruit, a visual feast that complements its tantalizing taste. Classified as Type B, our Winter Mexican Avocado Tree offers a unique and exceptional addition to your garden.

Elevate your garden with the Winter Mexican Avocado Tree - a masterpiece of hardiness, taste, and growth potential. Cultivated in the heart of Florida's Everglades Farms, this tree promises a fruitful journey for both novice and seasoned gardeners alike. Order now and experience the joy of nurturing your very own avocado haven!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

They are still alive

thuy bui
Thank you that you give a good tree.

The delivery was fast and all the trees are in good condition.
I’m very happy with these trees


Good looking tree! Can’t wait for fruit!

Shan Cao
Plant not doing well.

I am glad that Everglades provides so many varieties of avocado trees.
The plant I received, however, does not look too healthy.
The plant is dropping leaves. I think it got cold freeze during transportation.
I hope it will survive at the end.

Looking Forward To The Future w/Winter Mexican Avocado-Grafted!

My tree arrived looking better than I expected, and well packed. It arrived with flowers, and a couple of smaller than pea sized avocados on it. Of course, once I planted it, the flowers and avocados died, then I cut all other potential flowers off, so that the tree could focus on rooting, and overall survival. The trunk/limbs were thicker than expected, seemingly able to support the weight of a few avocados. A few of the leaves have dropped off, but I should be snacking on my home grown avocados next year for sure!