Shipping Policy - Everglades Farm

We are currently NOT offering FREE SHIPPING to certain States with a minimum purchase amount. 

Free shipping IS NOT available for other locations at the moment, as we have recently experience significant increases in labor, shipping and packing costs. 

We have negotiated a deep discounted rate with UPS ground and UPS express service. 

For customers in Hawaii and  Alaska and other territories under the control of the United States, but not part of the contiguous United States, the only shipping method available is UPS Express Service. 

We may not offer shipping service to the states below. Our trees usually do not survive the cross-country transit time from Florida. 

Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana

Our trees are shipped in carton boxes. The preferred shipping carrier is: UPS


Weather events may delay our ability to ship trees. 



If you do not live in Southern Florida, consider ordering your trees when avg. temp. is above 50 degrees. We are not responsible for trees damaged due to cold weather.

***Customers outside the United States*** 
We may be able to ship plants to your country. This typically requires the processing of a  phytosanitary certificate. If you live outside the United States, please visit the link below for additional information. 

Do you ship internationally? Do you export? | Everglades_Farm