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Nam Doc Mai # 4 Dwarf Mango Tree, Grafted

Nam Doc Mai # 4 Dwarf Mango Tree, Grafted

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  • Nam Doc Mai #4 Dwarf Mango Tree - Taste the Tropics!

    • Sweet and Irresistible Taste: Enjoy the mouthwatering sweetness of Nam Doc Mai #4 mangoes, known for their juicy texture and tropical flavor.

    • Perfect for Small Spaces: This dwarf variety is ideal for small yards, patios, or container gardening.

    • Fast Fruit Production: Grafted trees can bear fruit in just 2-3 years with proper care.

    • Beautiful Shade Tree: Aside from fruit, it offers lush foliage and serves as a lovely shade tree.

    • Thrives in Florida's Climate: Grown in our Homestead nursery, benefiting from Florida's subtropical weather.

    • Healthy and Ready to Grow: Arrives in a 2-gallon container, ready to flourish in your garden.

    • Easy Care: Plant in a sunny spot with well-draining soil, water regularly, and fertilize occasionally.

    • Harvesting Tips: Allow mangoes to ripen on the tree for the best taste.

    Grow your own tropical delight with Nam Doc Mai #4 Dwarf Mango Tree. Taste the goodness, enjoy the shade, and experience the joy of homegrown mangoes. Shop now and embrace the tropics in your backyard! Happy gardening!

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Customer Reviews

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mona nicosia
My tree is fruiting after 2 yrs

yay finally my tree is bearing!! taste great the other tree is a 3 yrs malika

My tree is fruiting after 2 yrs

yay finally my tree is bearing!! taste great the other tree is a 3 yrs malika

Eric Wyatt
Tree Arrived Damaged/No answer from customer support

I ordered a dwarf mango tree and the box arrived damaged and the main tree trunk was fractured and the tree died. I contacted support and still have not received a response. Never ordering from here again. Money wasted.


Arrived well packaged in great shape
Already setting buds

Joseph Tulfo
Dying dwarf mango tree

I did everything i could to baby this dwarf mango fruit
tree but it seems it is DYING on me as the days progressed. Pls reach out to me so i could send you
Pictures of this dying tree. I am hoping that you send
me a new one for replacement. Its only been a month
& the leaves are falling off, turning yellow to brown. There is NOTHING more i could do to save this dying tree. Pls text me for a repacement. I be happy to send
you pictures via text or email. Thank you,