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Mulberry Dwarf Everbearing Tree

Mulberry Dwarf Everbearing Tree

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Mulberry Dwarf Everbearing Tree - For Sale from Everglades Farms, Florida

  • Product Overview:

    • Introducing the Mulberry Dwarf Everbearing Tree, offering fresh mulberries multiple times a year.
    • Cultivated at our plant nursery in Homestead, Florida, benefiting from the subtropical climate.
  • Key Features:

    • Multiple Harvests: Enjoy mulberries several times annually for a steady supply.
    • Ideal Stature: Choose from 1-Gallon (12 inches) or 3-Gallon (2-3 feet) trees to fit your space.
    • Rapid Growth: 1-Gallon trees age 3-6 months, 3-Gallon trees mature in 12-18 months.
    • Swift Bearing: Start experiencing fruit within the first year, thanks to our nurturing and climate.
  • Homestead Nurturing:

    • Locally Grown: Nurtured in Homestead, Florida, known for fertile soil and ideal weather.
    • Subtropical Magic: Thrives in Homestead's subtropical climate for lush foliage and abundant harvests.
    • Expertise and Care: Our horticultural experts ensure strong roots, sturdy branches, and fruitful growth.
  • Year-Round Enjoyment:

    • Swift Establishment: Experience the beauty of your tree in a short timeframe.
    • Delightful Landscaping: Choose 1-Gallon or 3-Gallon for an elegant addition to your landscape.
    • Early Yield: Potential for first-year fruiting adds excitement to your gardening.
  • Culinary Versatility:

    • Flavorful Mulberries: Enjoy sweet mulberries for snacking, baking, jams, and more.
    • Healthful Delicacy: Nutrient-rich and antioxidant-packed, offering both taste and potential health benefits.

Plant the Mulberry Dwarf Everbearing Tree from Everglades Farms and enjoy the rewards of quality, growth, and gardening success.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Harvey DeFord
Dwarf everbearing mulberry

Arrived slightly wilted but perked up after watering, otherwise in excellent condition.

mona nicosia
so happy🍇

the tree came perfect and is thriving in the ground!! i even seen the butterflies caome by

Hilary Martin

Tree arrived quickly and healthy. Everglades also answered my questions in a timely manner.

Thomas Pellegrino
Disappointed ☹️

The trees came with dry soil. The leaves were brown and curly. The soil was spilled out of the containers. This was not a good value to me.
I had to trim off all the leaves to save the trees from dying. They are planted now. New buds beginning to show. I did not buy 3 trees at $250 plus dollars expecting to have to save them. Also, I ordered 4 foot trees. I received 2.5 and 3 foot trees. Unhappy with that also. You need to make this right. I bought starfruit trees, 1 good one and 1 not so good. Your trees are expensive, so please send better stock next time I order.
Remember, I was looking to buy 50 + trees next fall, but am concerned if the quality stays this poor.

Carmen Colon
Some what disappointed

I ordered three items, a guava tree, a black berry plant, and a mulberry plant. The plants were very healthy upon arrival, and very well packaged. They arrived very quickly. I was however very dissatisfied with the size of the mulberry plant. I was expecting it to be as described, 1-2ft and 1-gal. The plant was actually about 8 inches tall. And the company response is in the second picture. I would have been happy with a partial refund but NOOOOO!!! The Home Depot actually sells them for $14.00.