How to Grow Dragon Fruit Seeds or Cuttings

How to Grow Dragon Fruit: From South America to Your Backyard

Dragon fruit plant has bright green scales on the outside. When you cut it open, the flesh is either white or red in color. How to grow dragon fruit? Growing dragon fruit is easy at home with the right conditions. This plant needs lots of sunshine and heat. The soil should drain well and not stay too wet.

Where are dragon fruits grown? These fruits are native to hot, dry regions. Dragon fruits are grown in places that are warm all year round. The dragon fruit plant is a type of cactus originally from Mexico. It also grew naturally in parts of Central America and northern South America.

Now people grow dragon fruit all around the world's warmest areas. If you live somewhere sunny and warm, you can grow dragon fruits too!

With some patience and basic care, you can have your own dragon fruit harvest!

How to Grow Dragon Fruit Seeds or Cuttings

How to Grow Dragon Fruit Seeds or Cuttings

Wondering how to grow dragon fruit plants? It's easy! First, you need seeds or cuttings from a dragon fruit plant. Buy these or get some from a friend growing dragon fruits.

For seeds, simply plant them an inch deep in well-draining soil. Good soil has compost or manure mixed in. Put the pot or ground spot in full sun. Just cut off a piece of ripe stem from an existing dragon fruit on the plant. Let it dry for 7 days before planting.

Stick the cutting straight down into the soil. Leave two inches above the surface. Water just a little at first as roots grow. Provide support like a trellis or cage so that dragon fruit grows upwards.

In warm climates, plant dragon fruit outside in early spring. The vine will sprout leaves and get established over the summer. In fall, night temperatures cool, and flowering happens. If pollinated, each flower becomes one spiky red dragon fruit on the plant

Caring for Your Dragon Fruit Plant

Caring for Your Dragon Fruit Plant

Here are some of the most important tips on how to care for dragon fruit plants:

Water Needs

Dragon fruit plants are types of cactus, so they like dry conditions. Too much water can cause root rot and kill the plant.

Only water once per week in the hottest months. Use a hose or large watering can. Soak the soil deeply until water starts draining out the bottom. During cooler times of the year, cut back on watering. Just provide enough to keep the soil from fully drying out. The vines will be dormant and need less moisture.

An easy way to check is to stick your finger in the soil. If it feels moist a few inches down, skip watering that week.

Sunlight Requirements

Dragon fruits need a lot of sunlight! These plants originate from hot, sunny areas of Mexico and Central America. They need at least 6-8 hours of direct sun per day.

Pick the sunniest, hottest spot in your yard for planting. Avoid shady areas near trees or buildings that would block sunlight. More sun leads to more flower and fruit production.

If you are growing them in pots, rotate them regularly. This ensures all sides of the plant get adequate sunshine for even growth. Pots also let you move plants to follow the best sun exposure.

Support for Growing

Dragon fruit growing upwards is natural as it's a climbing cactus vine. Providing support makes for easier care and bigger harvests.

The most common support is a sturdy trellis or cage structure. The vines can crawl up and get plenty of valuable vertical airflow and sunlight exposure. 

Any type of support needs to be very strong and sturdy. A full-grown dragon fruit plant can weigh 25-50 lbs when loaded with fruit!

When & How to Harvest Dragon Fruit?

Now that you know how to grow dragon fruit plants let’s talk about harvesting them! Dragon fruit plants start flowering in late summer or early fall. Those big, beautiful white blooms only open for one night!

If a flower gets pollinated by a bat or moth, it will start growing into an actual dragon fruit over the next 30-50 days. The fruit forms a bright red outer skin with green scales. But how do you know when dragon fruit is ripe? Generally, the fruit will develop a bright red color and feel firm but slightly soft when gently squeezed.

Another clue is that ripe dragon fruits develop dry, brown leaves around the fruit's stem area. Or you may see the fruit start to lean over due to its weight.

Where to pick dragon fruit on the plant? Use scissors or shears to snip off the ripe fruits, leaving about 1 inch of stem attached. Twist and pull gently if needed.

The skin has hard scales that can poke you, so wear gloves when harvesting. Ripe dragon fruits will keep for 2-3 weeks stored in the refrigerator.

 How to eat dragon fruit? First, use a sharp knife to slice it in half lengthwise. Use a spoon to scoop out the soft, seeded flesh inside. You can eat the seeds too - they have a nice nutty flavor! Or you can strain out the small black seeds if preferred.


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Common FAQs On How To Grow Dragon Fruits

Can you grow dragon fruit from cuttings?

First, find a healthy stem on a grown-up plant. Cut off a piece and let it sit out for about a week. This helps the cut end heal up and get ready for planting.

Once that's done, stick the cutting into some soil that drains well. Make sure to keep it warm and give it lots of bright sun. This will help it grow new roots and turn into a whole new plant!

 What climate is best for growing dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit plants love warm, sunny places. They originally came from hot desert areas like Mexico. So they do best when they get plenty of direct sunlight all year round.

If you live somewhere that's sort of like a subtropical zone, that's perfect! Especially if you have long summers. That gives the plant lots of time to grow and thrive.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to learn more about growing dragon fruit plants.

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