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Simmonds Avocado, Semi-Dwarf Tree, Grafted

Simmonds Avocado, Semi-Dwarf Tree, Grafted

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  • A Must-Have for Your Home Landscape: Transform your backyard into a fruitful haven with the Semi-Dwarf Simmonds Avocado Tree from Everglades Farms. Renowned for its exceptional fruit yield and compact size, this avocado tree is the ideal choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

  • Faster Fruit Production: Experience the joy of homegrown avocados sooner than you'd expect. Our grafted Semi-Dwarf Simmonds Avocado Trees are primed to produce delectable avocados in just 2-3 years. Witness the miracle of nature as your tree transitions from a young sprout to a bountiful producer.

  • Nursery Expertise Delivered to You: Bringing you the finest quality, our Semi-Dwarf Simmonds Avocado Trees are grafted from premium fruit-producing Simmonds Avocado parent trees. We nurture these trees for an average of 12-18 months in our specialized plastic containers, ensuring you receive a thriving, healthy tree ready to flourish.

  • Generous Harvests of Flavorful Avocados: Savor the taste of success with the Semi-Dwarf Simmonds Avocado's luscious, green-skinned avocados. Indulge in the creamy goodness of large avocados, each one a testament to the quality and care we invest in our trees.

  • The Perfect Package: Your Semi-Dwarf Simmonds Avocado Tree will arrive in a sturdy 3-Gallon plastic container, nestled in nutrient-rich soil. Our innovative triple layer protection guarantees your tree's safety during transit, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep in impeccable condition, ready to thrive in its new home.

  • Season of Abundance: Celebrate the summer season with a bountiful harvest. The Semi-Dwarf Simmonds Avocado Tree delights with its harvest time from July to September. Embrace the joy of plucking perfectly ripened avocados right from your own tree.

  • Vibrant and Distinctive: Admire the beauty of nature's craftsmanship as your avocado tree graces your landscape with its vibrant green fruit. Each avocado boasts a generous size, ranging from 16 to 34 ounces, promising a delightful abundance of creamy goodness.

  • Nature's Elegance: Experience the allure of nature's bloom with the Semi-Dwarf Simmonds Avocado's charming flower type, adding a touch of elegance to your garden. As the flowers bloom, watch as your tree transforms, setting the stage for a spectacular avocado show.

Don't miss your chance to bring home the Semi-Dwarf Simmonds Avocado Tree from Everglades Farms. Elevate your home orchard experience and enjoy the satisfaction of nurturing your own avocado haven. Order now and embark on a journey of growth, flavor, and natural beauty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
love it

always happy with the way this company packages the trees.

Allison Petro

Semi-Dwarf Simmonds Avocado Tree, Grafted, For Sale from Florida

Mary Ann
Happy Customer

So far, so good. Haven't yet planted in the ground..

Michael Holdren
Semi - Dwarf Simmons’s

I was happy to receive my new tree. It arrived on Thursday and I quickly opened the box. It is in good condition and I am now a proud owner of a 3’ semi - dwarf Simmons tree. I live near Houston and have it in my greenhouse for the winter. I am looking forward to seeing Simmons avocados in 3 or so years. Thank you Everglades Farm

Brenda Vann
Perfect tree!

The avocado tree from everfglades farm arrived on time and in perfectly healthy condition. I’m glad we waited awhile before planting because Ian ravaged our yard! Now that the weather is beautiful we are clearing the debris and can’t wait to plant the tree and watch it grow!