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White Sapote Redlands Tree Grafted

White Sapote Redlands Tree Grafted

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Experience the Flavorful Delights of White Sapote Redlands Tree Grafted

Discover the joy of cultivating your very own White Sapote Redlands Tree, meticulously grown and grafted to perfection by Everglades Farms. With its luscious fruits and the benefits of our subtropical climate, this tree is a must-have addition to your garden. Here's what you need to know:

  • Exquisite Flavor Palette: Indulge in the exceptional taste of ripe White Sapote fruits. When fully matured, the flesh is tender, sweet, and utterly delightful. While unripe fruits may carry a bitter undertone, the ripe, creamy core is often scooped out and relished raw for a tropical treat.

  • High-Quality Grafting: Our White Sapote Redlands Trees are skillfully grafted from superior fruit-producing stock, ensuring the finest quality and abundant harvests. You're investing in a tree with proven potential for remarkable yields.

  • Thriving in Florida's Subtropical Haven: Nestled in our plant nursery in Homestead, Florida, our White Sapote trees benefit from the idyllic climate of our region. This encourages robust growth, rich foliage, and ultimately, delectable fruits.

  • Ready to Flourish: Your tree's journey begins with an average age of 12-18 months, cultivated to perfection in a 3-gallon container. With the optimal care, it is well on its way to becoming a vibrant and fruitful addition to your garden.

  • Convenient Shipping: Your White Sapote Redlands Tree will arrive in a 3-gallon plastic container, securely packaged and ready to thrive. The soil is enriched with premium slow-release 8-3-9 granular fertilizer, providing a nourishing start for your tree.

  • Compact Elegance: The approximate height of your tree, including the container, is 2 feet or taller. This manageable size makes it ideal for a variety of spaces, whether you have a sprawling garden or a cozy urban balcony.

  • Cultivation Advice: Proper care and nurturing are essential for your White Sapote tree's success. Our knowledgeable team is here to provide expert guidance, ensuring your tree thrives and produces bountiful, flavorful fruits.

Elevate your gardening experience with the White Sapote Redlands Tree Grafted from Everglades Farms. Enjoy the beauty of this tree, relish its delectable fruits, and savor the rewards of your nurturing efforts. Begin your journey to a thriving garden with Everglades Farms today!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Quick response

    The original tree died, but you sent replacement immediately. I am awaiting new tree. Thank you for quick response. I will continue to buy trees with you.
    Tanks agaiAngie

    Alberto Gomez
    Very happy with the tree

    Healthy and green

    G. B.

    Tree is healthy and growing very good !

    Troy Schick
    graft was dead, so I got a seedling white sapote for $100...


    Chia-Huei Lai
    White Sapote Redlands Tree Grafted, 2 feet tall

    White Sapote Redlands Tree Grafted, 2 feet tall. The tree leaf all falled. I change the soil and pot and put under tree shade, The tree seemed slowly sprouting new leaves. I have received store gift card as compensatory.