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Natural Mystic Pitaya, Dragon Fruit Red

Natural Mystic Pitaya, Dragon Fruit Red

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Introducing Natural Mystic Pitaya, Dragon Fruit Red, For Sale from Florida:

  • Vibrant and Exotic: Natural Mystic Pitaya, a stunning Dragon Fruit Red variety, adds a burst of color and tropical allure to any landscape or garden.
  • Self-Fertile and Easy to Grow: Standout feature - it's one of the few self-fertile red-fleshed Dragon Fruit varieties, making it a hassle-free choice for both seasoned gardeners and newcomers alike.
  • Brought from Thailand to Florida: We brought this hybrid wonder all the way from Thailand to Florida, where it thrives in the sunny and subtropical climate of Homestead.
  • Unique Growth Patterns: Experience the wonder of Natural Mystic's distinctive growth - mature stems with meaty flesh, three-sided, and adorned with small to medium-sized spines.
  • Rust Resistance Tips: While susceptible to rust during the rainy season, our experts recommend growing Natural Mystic in well-composed material to control the issue effectively.
  • Sweet Fragrance and White Blooms: Delight your senses with large, sweet-scented white flowers, adding to the appeal of this exotic cactus tree.
  • Versatile Climbing Vine: The climbing vine of Natural Mystic thrives even in dry areas, making it a versatile choice for various landscapes and climates.
  • Nurtured in Homestead, Florida: Grown with care in our plant nursery in Homestead, Florida, our Natural Mystic Dragon Fruit benefits from the ideal subtropical weather.
  • Fast Growth and Early Maturity: In just 6-12 months, our 2-gallon container trees have an average height of 2-3 feet or even taller, providing you with rapid growth and early enjoyment.
  • Convenient Shipping: Your Natural Mystic Dragon Fruit will be shipped right to your doorstep in a secure 2-Gal plastic container, ensuring it arrives safely and ready to thrive.

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John Legere
Natural mystic dragon fruit

Very good