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Von, Summer Bearing, Thornless Blackberry Plant

Von, Summer Bearing, Thornless Blackberry Plant

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  • Introducing the Von, Summer Bearing, Thornless Blackberry Plant - For Sale from Florida!

    • Summer Bearing Floricane: Experience the joy of harvesting delicious blackberries during the mid-late season.
    • Berry Size: Medium: Enjoy plump and juicy blackberries that are just the right size for the perfect bite.
    • Optimum Production with 100 Chill Hours: Ensure abundant yields of sweet, low acid blackberries by providing 100 chill hours.
    • High Yields, Sweet Rewards: Delight in high yields of exceptionally sweet berries, perfect for savoring or turning into delightful treats.
    • Easy Care Variety: No hassle with this easy-to-care-for blackberry plant, ideal for both beginners and seasoned gardeners.
    • Thornless Wonder: Picking berries has never been so pleasant; no thorns means you can pick to your heart's content with ease.
    • Pollinator Magnet: Attract beneficial pollinators to your garden while enjoying a bountiful blackberry harvest.
    • Versatile Soil Tolerance: Thrives even in clay soil, ensuring success in various gardening conditions.
    • Yearly Returns: Watch this attractive blackberry plant return each year with an upright, clumping habit.
    • Full Sun Lover: Give it plenty of sunlight, and it will reward you with an abundance of luscious berries.
    • Perfect for USDA Zones 7a - 10b: Suitable for a wide range of locations, making it accessible to many gardeners.
    • Space-Saving Planting: With a height of 4-5' and width of 3-4', these plants can be placed just 2 feet apart, allowing for high-density planting in rows spaced 7 feet apart.
    • Comes in a 3 Gal Container: Hassle-free shipping right to your doorstep, ready to be planted and thrive in your garden.

    Transform your garden with this fruitful addition from Everglades Farms. Order the Von, Summer Bearing, Thornless Blackberry Plant now for a season filled with delectable delights!

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