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Pickering Mango Tree, Dwarf, Grafted

Pickering Mango Tree, Dwarf, Grafted

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  • It can be grown in a container or planted in the ground
  • Grown in our plant nursery in Homestead, Florida with the benefits of our subtropical weather
  • Average age of tree in 2 gal container:  6-12 months
  • Grafted trees can bear fruit in 2-3 years, under proper conditions and care.
  • This tree ships in a 2-Gallon plastic container
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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Lynn Riggio
Beautiful healthy tree

Really well packed and healthy pickering mango arrived securely and timely

Hope A
Pickering Mango Tree

I received the Pickering mango tree in good condition. It arrived safely and it is thriving.

Arturo Cervantes
Poor quality/experience

Is not my first time buying online trees/plants from different experience has taught me to check the condition of my tree/plant once it arrives. I have lost plants before by arriving in poor condition like this pickering mango tree from everglades. The mango tree arrived completely drenched. My experience has taught me to check the condition of the root ball on arrival on every plant I purchase. This mango's root ball had no good visible roots, all visible roots were dark brown brittle and decaying. To me that's root rot. I proceeded to look further into the root ball to see if the tree could be saved and found no feeder roots anywhere. Some roots were still feeling solid and not mushy. Knowing that I messed with the root ball I didn't contact everglades and continued to put effort into saving the tree. Ten days later after receiving my mango tree I called everglades asking for advice on what to do to help me save this tree. The guy wasn't any help just told me to not mess with the root ball and to not over water the tree wich could lead to root rot. As of right now after 13 days with this tree the main leader is still green but shriveled like a raisen. Leaves curled with green color to them but they are dry and dead. The only reason I touch the root ball was do to the plant arriving drenched. I will take my business somewhere else, I don't think everglades will do anything to make it right it was pretty clear when I talked to them when I calledfor advice. It was my first time buying from everglades and my first time buying a mango plant and it turn out to be a not so great experience.

Juan Carlos Asse

Im shocked this company is still in business. Their trees die quickly (all 3 died within 3 weeks) of root rot and they they will not send you another tree Against their "policy". I think all these 5 star reviews must be fabricated by them. Unless you want to throw your money away, DO NOT buy a tree from Everglades Farm.


Came in excellent condition 👌