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Trompo Canistel Sapote [Egg-Fruit] Tree

Trompo Canistel Sapote [Egg-Fruit] Tree

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  • Exquisite Egg-Fruit Tree: Discover the allure of the Trompo Canistel Sapote, commonly known as the Egg-Fruit tree, renowned for its greenish-yellow peel that matures into an enticing hue. Delight in the unique beauty of its fruit as it graces your landscape.

  • Lusciously Moist Pulp: Experience the joy of sinking your teeth into the moist and succulent pulp of the Egg-Fruit. Its indulgent texture and subtle sweetness make it a delectable treat, perfect for culinary creations or savoring fresh off the tree.

  • Premium Quality Grafting: Our Egg-Fruit trees are meticulously grafted from high-quality, fruit-producing parent trees, ensuring that you receive a sapling poised for exceptional growth and abundant harvests.

  • Nurtured in Subtropical Bliss: Cultivated in the heart of Homestead, Florida, our Egg-Fruit trees thrive in the embrace of our favorable subtropical climate. This nurturing environment imparts vigor and resilience, setting the stage for a robust and healthy tree.

  • Years of Growth in Every Tree: With an average age of 12-18 months, the Egg-Fruit trees we offer have already embarked on a journey of growth, promising a head start to your home orchard endeavors.

  • Conveniently Shipped in 3-Gal Container: Your Egg-Fruit tree will arrive in a sturdy 3-Gal plastic container, designed to preserve its health during transit. The container is carefully filled with soil enriched by premium slow-release 8-3-9 granular fertilizer, laying the groundwork for a thriving tree.

  • Height to Amaze: Expect a visually striking addition to your surroundings, with an approximate height of 2 feet or taller, including the container. Watch as your Egg-Fruit tree transforms your landscape with its elegance and stature.

Order your very own Trompo Canistel Sapote (Egg-Fruit) Tree today from Everglades Farms and embark on a journey of flavors, aesthetics, and gardening satisfaction.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
liang zhu
Nothing been shipped

I did not receive anything until now

Great service

I ordered early Feb. Tree arrived in northern California on 2/14, dead.

I contacted customer service; Lily asked me to do a trunk scratch test. I sent pictures.

Lily made a replacement order. New tree was sent 3/14, and delivered on 3/21. It was well packaged. Leaves are healthy and green.

I planted tree outside in early April. It showed no sign of growth until July when the temperature finally reached 75+.

John Abernathy
Excellent Service!

Very impressed with Everglades Farms. High quality plants packaged very well!

Sj Sastry
Quick delivery

Fast delivery. Trees in great shape . Hopefully will fruit this year .