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Ross Sapote Canistel Tree

Ross Sapote Canistel Tree

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  • Ross Sapote Canistel Tree for Sale (2-3 Feet Tall): Introducing the Ross Sapote Canistel Tree, a marvel of subtropical fruit-bearing excellence. Sourced and nurtured by Everglades Farms in the heart of Homestead, Florida, this remarkable tree brings forth a tapestry of flavors and benefits that discerning gardeners and fruit enthusiasts will cherish.

  • Grafted from Excellence: Our Ross Sapote Canistel Tree stands as a testament to quality. Grafted from a high-quality, fruit-producing parent tree, it promises an abundant yield of delectable fruits, ensuring that your garden or orchard remains a haven of sumptuous delights.

  • Homestead's Subtropical Advantage: Cultivated under the benevolent gaze of Homestead's subtropical climate, our Ross Sapote Canistel Tree thrives. The lush and favorable conditions imbue each tree with the robustness and resilience needed for fruitful growth, making it a superb addition to any garden.

  • Greenish-Yellow Peel, Moist Pulp: As the Ross Sapote Canistel Tree matures, its peel takes on a mesmerizing greenish-yellow hue, an invitation to the sensory journey that awaits. Beneath this captivating exterior lies the treasure trove of its moist, succulent pulp, bursting with flavor and culinary possibilities.

  • Year of Care and Growth: Nestled in a 3-gallon container, the Ross Sapote Canistel Tree has been lovingly nurtured for an average of 12 months. This year of attentive care and cultivation ensures that you receive a tree primed for bountiful production and longevity.

  • Nutrient-Rich Foundation: Each tree is nurtured in soil enriched with premium slow-release 8-3-9 granular fertilizer. This nutrient-rich foundation provides a head start for your tree's growth, ensuring it has the sustenance it needs to flourish and thrive.

  • Conveniently Shipped to You: Your Ross Sapote Canistel Tree embarks on its journey to you from our nursery in a 2-Gal plastic container. This secure packaging preserves the health of your tree during transit, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep ready to establish its place in your garden.

  • Stature and Dimensions: When you welcome the Ross Sapote Canistel Tree into your space, anticipate its height, including the container, to be a magnificent 2-3 feet. This compact yet impressive size makes it ideal for various garden arrangements and spaces.

Elevate your garden and embrace the allure of the Ross Sapote Canistel Tree from Everglades Farms. With its tantalizing fruits, meticulous cultivation, and the legacy of Florida's subtropical embrace, this tree promises a journey of taste, aroma, and visual splendor like no other.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Luis Perez
Healthy tree

Nice tree healthy but the top new growth was snapped
$20 over priced.
By the way the customer service texting phone number must not be in service no one answered back to any questions. Lol

Rodney S
Tree was in great condition

Tree arrived healthy & well packaged. No stress to be seen. I'm happy with my purchase