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Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree Grafted

Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree Grafted

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  • Premium Fruit Production: Our Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree Grafted is cultivated from a superior fruit-producing tree, ensuring you'll enjoy bountiful and flavorful harvests.

  • Thrives in Subtropical Climate: Grown with care in our Homestead, Florida plant nursery, this remarkable tree benefits from the ideal subtropical climate, resulting in robust growth and abundant fruiting.

  • Expert Grafting Technique: Our horticultural experts employ precise grafting techniques, combining the sought-after qualities of the Orange Crush Jackfruit with a hardy rootstock. This ensures a vigorous and adaptable tree that's primed for success.

  • Resilient Plastic Container: Delivered right to your doorstep, your Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree comes securely packaged in a sturdy plastic container. This packaging preserves the tree's health during transit, ready for planting upon arrival.

  • Nutrient-Rich Slow-Release Fertilizer: The included soil is enriched with our premium slow-release 8-3-9 granular fertilizer. This nutrient blend provides sustained nourishment, promoting strong root development, vigorous growth, and ultimately, a fruitful harvest.

  • Abundant Health Benefits: Beyond its delectable taste, the Orange Crush Jackfruit is loaded with nutritional goodness. Packed with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, it's a health-conscious choice for your garden and your plate.

  • Easy-to-Follow Care Instructions: Even if you're new to gardening, our comprehensive care instructions make nurturing your Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree a breeze. From planting to pruning, we guide you every step of the way.

  • A Statement Landscape Tree: With its striking, glossy foliage and impressive fruit, the Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree stands out as a captivating addition to your landscape. It's an ornamental showstopper that keeps on giving.

  • A Taste of the Tropics at Home: Imagine stepping into your backyard and plucking the juiciest, most flavorful jackfruits from your very own tree. Bring the allure of the tropics home with the Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree Grafted from Everglades Farms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tug Tran
Beautiful tree

Came in perfect condition. I like how Everglades doesn’t send your plants barefoot. Stayed in the pot with plenty of soil. This is my go to tropical plants store.


Arrived in perfect conditions with soil. Can’t stand nursery that sends your babies with no diapers.

Big plant& good

Good plant and they cut the top of the plant before sending it. Packing could be improved as soil was all over the pack.


I love every tree I bought from your company. Your tree are very healthy and strong roots. Thank you very much. I will buy a lot more from you.