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Triple Crown Blackberry Plant

Triple Crown Blackberry Plant

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Large, Sweet, Blackberries Perfect For Home Growing

The Triple Crown Blackberry is a new and improved blackberry variety that’s quickly rising to the top as the most popular type of blackberry to grow at home.

Triple Crown Blackberries are thornless and pump out tons of enormous, savory berries that you can pick without the burden of getting pricked by thorns.

With the Triple Crown Blackberry harvest season lasting for an entire month you will have berries all year. Every time you check on your plant, you’ll find new fresh blackberries ready to be picked late in the summer.

You will have more than enough blackberries to share with your family and friends, and they will be amazed by the fact that your homegrown berries are larger and sweeter than varieties found in local grocery stores.

Mouth watering, savory Triple Crown Blackberries are one the sweetest and juiciest varieties available. They’re perfect for an all-natural, organic snack and for making jams and pies. Their rich flavor will have your recipes tasting better than ever.

Best of all, you can grow Triple Crown Blackberries with little to no maintenance. This semi erect blackberry variety doesn’t need a trellis to thrive, and can tolerate heat and humidity that other varieties can’t handle.

Triple Crown Blackberries don’t make a fuss. They will thrive if planted in the ground or in a container. If your area gets too cold for this blackberry variety, keep it in a container and bring it indoors during the winter.

When the warm weather returns you’ll have beautiful white flowers in the early summer that turn into endless supply of delicious blackberries around August.

The Triple Crown Blackberry is selling out fast. Be sure to order yours today, before they are all gone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jennifer Unruh
Nice healthy plant

I ordered a few different kinds of blackberry plants and each one was healthy upon arrival and packaged nicely. Also, my items were received pretty quickly after ordering. Very happy with my purchases and hope to buy more soon!

Mark Kalbfleisch

Was never able to plant one of them bc it was delivered late and dried out. I sent a picture to returns but never heard anything back.

Arrived alive and very healthy!

The plant is very healthy. I do think that it was a bit too pricey, though.

Hilaire H.
Nice plants

Seem to be doing well and are in the ground now