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Maria Avocado Tree, Grafted

Maria Avocado Tree, Grafted

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  • Maria Avocado Tree - Grafted and Vigorous Growth: Our Maria Avocado Tree is a grafted masterpiece, carefully cultivated for optimal growth and fruit production. With a height of 3 feet, this young tree is ready to thrive in your garden or patio.

  • Fast and Fruitful: Grafted trees are known for their accelerated fruiting, and the Maria Avocado Tree is no exception. You can expect to enjoy delicious avocados from your tree in just 2-3 years after planting, giving you quick access to homegrown goodness.

  • Shipped in a 3-Gallon Container: Your Maria Avocado Tree will arrive in a 3-gallon container, ensuring its safe and healthy journey from our Florida nursery to your doorstep. This container size is optimal for providing the tree with a strong start.

  • Basks in Sunshine: The Maria Avocado Tree thrives in full sun exposure. Choose a sunny spot in your garden or on your patio to provide the ideal environment for your tree to flourish and produce an abundance of avocados.

  • Weathering the Cold: With a cold hardiness of 30 degrees, the Maria Avocado Tree is well-suited to a variety of climates. While it prefers warmer conditions, it can withstand moderate cold snaps without sacrificing its fruiting potential.

  • Well-Established and Ready to Grow: When you receive your Maria Avocado Tree, you'll be getting a tree that's already 12-18 months old, making it well-established and prepared to grow vigorously in its new home.

  • Proven Quality: Grafted from a high-quality producing tree, the Maria Avocado Tree inherits the best attributes of its parentage. You can trust that you're receiving a tree that's primed for exceptional fruit production.

  • Harvest Delights: The harvest season for Maria Avocado trees spans from November to January, allowing you to relish the fruits of your labor during the winter months when fresh, homegrown avocados are a true treat.

  • Distinctive Appearance: The avocados from the Maria Avocado Tree feature a unique black color, making them stand out in your garden and on your plate. These avocados are generously sized, ranging from 20 to 30 ounces each, ensuring a bountiful yield from your tree.

Add a touch of Everglades Farms' commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and you have a compelling description that's sure to entice new customers to bring the Maria Avocado Tree into their lives.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maria Black Avocado

Grafted avocado came very well packaged with no damage to the plant. Overall in excellent condition. However, don’t expect plant to be 2-3 feet. Was 12” at most including the 3 gallon pot. Given how difficult it is to purchase this variety, customers shouldn’t mind knowing its true measurements.

María Black Avocado Tree

I had waited for a while to get the Maria Black Avocado Variety. Thank you Everglades Farm to make that possible. Shipment service was prompt. Tree was packed very neat. Also, is a grafted tree as advertised. I received a very healthy and beautiful Maria Black Avocado Tree. I definitely will buy again from Everglades Farm!….

Paul Kitsis
I am sure this tree was amazing…

I ordered 2 besides Maria.. so 3 boxes. Two came and they were in amazing shape.. tall, leafy.. excellent branching and no damage- Maria was lost by UPS and it’s quite sad . But nothing to do with Everglades - their trees are amazing!!

JIM Rathbone
Maria Avocado Tree

A beautiful little tree. Had a few broken branches done in shipping. The box was torn but the tree survived. I'm really looking forward to the fruit. Thanks Guys you do a great job

Maria Diaz Davila
Maria Black Avocado tree

My husband and I where very pleased to see how well and healthy our Maria Black avocado tree arrived, the tree was very well packed and it arrived in excellent conditions it also came with very clear instructions on what to do next and how to care of the tree, our purchase was made in March 2022 and as of this day the tree is doing fantastic and having new growth. Our next purchase will be a Reed avocado tree as soon they are for sale again.