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Mangosteen Lemon Sour, Yellow Tree

Mangosteen Lemon Sour, Yellow Tree

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Sweet and sour flavors go hand-in-hand for Lemon Sour Mangosteen. Garcinia intermedia is a rare fruit tree native to Northwestern regions of South America, through Central America and Mexico.

This rare tropical evergreen fruit tree is a Mangosteen relative with unmatched vigor. It’s fast-growing, adaptable, and full of potential. The Lemon Drop Mangosteen bears sweet fruit that easily ranks among some of our favorite mangosteen varieties.  Like all Garcinias, the Lemon Drop Mangosteen has a really unique tropical flavor that is sweet and tart and pretty impossible to stop eating once you get started.

You can eat Lemon Drop Mangosteen right from the tree, or save the fruits for a rejuvenating snack. If you’re feelin’ jazzy, Lemon Drop Mangosteen juice can invigorate any freshly-poured cocktail, too. Simply peel the small yellow shell to uncover the round bundles of fun inside to welcome a refreshing tart twist in the peak of Mangosteen season. The taste falls somewhere between pineapple and citrus.

The mangosteen is one of the slowest-growing of the tropical tree fruits but it is also one of the longest living. Seedling trees normally require from 10-15 years to fruiting. The mangosteen is a dioecious evergreen tree, 6-25m high, with a straight trunk, up to 25-35cm in diameter and symmetrically arranged branches which form a regular, pyramidal-shaped crown.

***Mangosteen is very sensitive to cold weather. To increase your success chances, we recommend to grow it in a container, so you can provide shade and protection from cold weather***

 This tree is propagated from seedlings. 

From: UF / IFAS - University of Florida

Mangosteen Climate Requirements 

Because the tree is truly tropical and cold-sensitive, the best region to grow mangosteen is south Florida especially Miami Dade. It has been reported that mangosteen was first planted in Miami in 1977. Many people have grown or tried to grow mangosteen trees in Florida but not in a large scale. Mangosteen tree can be injured if the air temperature falls below 40 ᵒF. Sometimes temperature falls under this range even in the warmest part of the Florida. Therefore, cultivation of mangosteen is limited to the warmest parts of the southern coastal region of Florida like Keys.
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Customer Reviews

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Most of the plants I get from tis vender are healthy, good looking plants.

Rebecka Bush
Happiness in a plant

My 2 tree’s arrived in great shape! The care guide is very helpful! I will be a return customer!

Cheryl Ann Brown
Awesome Mangosteen

Healthy, well packaged and quality of plant is simply gorgeous. This is a A+ quality merchant. Thank you.

Jon Woo
The picture is different

This is Lemon Mangosteen, not a Purple Mangosteen, please correct the picture ... Thank you so much