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MAI 1 Jackfruit Tree, Grafted

MAI 1 Jackfruit Tree, Grafted

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  • Easily Pruned for Small Spaces: Enjoy the beauty and bounty of the MAI 1 Jackfruit Tree even in limited spaces, as it can be effortlessly pruned to a convenient height of around 8 feet.

  • Authentic Thai Origin: Experience the genuine flavors of Thailand with our MAI 1 Jackfruit Tree, cultivated from original Thai stock to bring the authentic taste of the tropics to your home.

  • Crispy, Golden-Yellow Flesh: Indulge in a delectable treat as you savor the extra crispy, golden-yellow flesh of the MAI 1 Jackfruit. Each bite is a burst of tropical sweetness.

  • Distinct Oval Shape: Delight in the unique oval shape of the MAI 1 Jackfruit, a visual and culinary masterpiece that's sure to stand out in your garden or orchard.

  • Generous Fruit Size: Be amazed by the impressive size of each fruit, with an average weight ranging from 25 to 35 pounds, ensuring a bountiful harvest to share with friends and family.

  • Thrives in Subtropical Climate: Cultivated in our plant nursery nestled in the heart of Homestead, Florida, the MAI 1 Jackfruit Tree benefits from our ideal subtropical weather, resulting in robust growth and abundant fruit production.

  • Well-Established at Arrival: Our MAI 1 Jackfruit Tree, typically 12-18 months old, arrives at your doorstep ready to thrive. This young yet well-established tree promises a quicker journey to full maturity and fruit-bearing.

  • Convenient Shipping: Delight in the convenience of receiving your MAI 1 Jackfruit Tree in a durable plastic container, ensuring its safe and secure arrival at your location.

  • Elevate Your Garden with Exotic Delights: Elevate your garden to new heights by adding the MAI 1 Jackfruit Tree, a captivating and flavorful addition that promises a visual and culinary adventure like no other.

  • Order Your MAI 1 Jackfruit Tree Today: Embark on a journey of tropical flavors and gardening excellence by ordering your very own MAI 1 Jackfruit Tree. Take advantage of our premium quality and expertise to enhance your garden or orchard.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Patrice Sims

My tree arrived with no leaves and severe die back. Definitely not what I expected. Customer service was poor as they took over 2 additional weeks to send the tree out and they were slow to reply. I wouldn’t purchase a tree from here again.


Nice plants nice roots. Whenever I receive my tree I put it away from the Sun for a week and watering very deep once for every 3 days for the first 9 days and then move the tree to the sun after that and then watering very deeply once every 5 days during summer heat . Winter times water Jackfruit tree deeply once every 10 days. I make sure the soil is potting mix and very well drain .
After 3 weeks my Jackfruit trees have a lot of new grow.
Thank you very much

Hyunsook Kang
Not healthy

This tree arrived with most of leaves fall off, some branches dried out…I kept it under shade for a while and watered everyday but still not doing well.