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Grimal Jaboticaba Tree

Grimal Jaboticaba Tree

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Grimal Jaboticaba Tree: Large Black Fruit - For Sale from Florida

  • Discover the Giant Jaboticaba: Unveil the allure of the Grimal Jaboticaba Tree, a distinctive variety that stands out with its remarkably large black fruits, earning it the nickname "Giant Jaboticaba."

  • Unique Visual Appeal: Immerse your garden or landscape in a touch of fascination with the mildly hairy fruits and foliage of this tree, creating an intriguing and one-of-a-kind aesthetic that's sure to captivate.

  • Perfectly Sized: Elevate your outdoor space with a tree that reaches a convenient height of 2-3 feet, allowing easy management and an eye-catching presence that complements any setting.

  • Established and Vibrant: Embrace gardening success from the start with our 2-year-old trees nurtured in 2-gallon containers. Kickstart your garden journey with a robust and flourishing foundation.

  • Crafted in Florida's Heart: Grown with expertise at our advanced plant nursery nestled in Homestead, Florida. Leveraging the subtropical advantages of the region's climate ensures top-tier cultivation of the Grimal Jaboticaba Tree.

  • Bountiful Harvests: Experience the joy of abundant fruit production as these trees showcase their impressive yield capabilities. Witness the fruits of your patience emerge in approximately 5 years.

  • Year-Round Bounty: Indulge in the pleasure of a continuous supply of delectable black fruits throughout the year. The Grimal Jaboticaba Tree's consistent fruit-bearing nature ensures an everlasting delight for garden enthusiasts.

  • Taste the Exotic: Elevate your culinary adventures with the unique flavor of the Grimal Jaboticaba's large black fruits. Add an exotic twist to your recipes and relish in its delectable taste.

  • Enduring Beauty: Create lasting memories as you witness the Grimal Jaboticaba Tree's transformation through the seasons. From delicate blooms to luscious fruits, it's a testament to nature's splendor.

  • Garden Investment: Elevate your property's value and aesthetic appeal with the addition of the Grimal Jaboticaba Tree. An investment in beauty, taste, and natural wonder that keeps on giving.

  • Order Now: Secure your very own Grimal Jaboticaba Tree and embark on a journey of flavors and visual delight. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your garden with this exceptional offering.

  • Cultivated Excellence: Backed by our commitment to quality and horticultural expertise, the Grimal Jaboticaba Tree reflects the pinnacle of our dedication to delivering outstanding plant specimens.

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