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Falan Mango Tree, Grafted

Falan Mango Tree, Grafted

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Falan Mango Tree - Taste the Sweetness of Thailand!

  • High-Quality Fruit Producer: Grafted from a top-tier fruit-producing tree, ensuring delicious and abundant mangoes.

  • Thai Mango - Exotic and Irresistible: Savor the unique sweetness and delightful crunchiness, even when eaten green.

  • Thrives in Florida: Cultivated in our Homestead nursery, taking advantage of Florida's subtropical climate for optimal growth.

  • Ready-to-Grow: This 2-3 feet tall mango tree is delivered in a 3-gallon plastic container with nutrient-rich soil, including premium slow-release 8-3-9 fertilizer.

  • Fast-Growing and Fruitful: At an average age of 12-18 months, you can expect it to bear fruit sooner than you think!

  • Versatile and Ornamental: Not just for fruit, Falan Mango also adds beauty to your landscape.

  • Easy Care Guide: Our expert tips ensure a successful harvest, making it a perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned gardeners.

  • Harvest at Your Preference: Enjoy the mangoes green or wait for them to ripen to perfection.

Experience the tropical delight of Falan Mango Tree in your backyard. Order now and let the mango magic unfold at Everglades Farms! Indulge in the taste of Thailand - buy with confidence today for a bountiful tomorrow. Happy gardening!

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Rosita Gallardo

I received the plant almost all leaves are dead