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Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, Grafted

Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, Grafted

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Introducing the Rare Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit Tree - Grafted, 3 Feet

Discover the exceptional features of our Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, carefully cultivated and nurtured at Everglades Farms in sunny Homestead, Florida. This unique variety offers a delightful off-season fruiting experience, ensuring you enjoy its bountiful harvests beyond the usual jackfruit season. Crafted to perfection through grafting, our Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit Tree boasts remarkable qualities that make it a must-have addition to your garden:

  • Exquisite Rare Variety: Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of the Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit, a rare gem cherished for its exceptional flavor and distinct golden hue.

  • Tailored Pruning Potential: Easily maintain the perfect size for your garden with straightforward pruning, sculpting your tree to an ideal height of approximately 8 feet while ensuring a steady supply of delectable jackfruits.

  • Compact Stature, Abundant Yield: Despite its modest stature, our Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit Tree stands tall in productivity. Expect impressive fruit weights ranging from 10 to 12 pounds, bringing you an abundant harvest from a space-efficient tree.

  • Expertly Grafted for Excellence: Your tree is meticulously grafted from a premium fruit-bearing parent, ensuring the finest quality and optimized fruit production that will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

  • Bask in Subtropical Splendor: Thriving under the embrace of Homestead's subtropical climate, our Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit Tree flourishes, benefiting from the warmth and sunshine that define Florida's enchanting weather.

  • Time-Honored Growth: Nurture a piece of our legacy with a tree that boasts an average age of 6-12 months within its 2-gallon container, embodying the dedication and care we invest in every sapling.

  • Convenience in a Container: Your tree arrives secured in a 2-Gal plastic container, nestled in nutrient-rich soil enriched with premium slow-release 8-3-9 granular fertilizer. Witness your tree's growth with ease and confidence.

  • Stature and Elegance: Admire the beauty of your Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, standing at an impressive height of 2-3 feet (including the container) upon arrival. Watch it reach for the skies as it matures into a stunning natural masterpiece.

Transform your garden into a haven of flavor and elegance with our Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit Tree. Elevate your gardening experience with this exceptional specimen, expertly cultivated to thrive and bring you unparalleled delight. Join the Everglades Farms family today and indulge in the wonders of this remarkable tree.

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Customer Reviews

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Lai Than
Healthy Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit Tree

The Honey Gold Dwarf Jackfruit tree arrived in great condition, beautiful and healthy looking tree, these are our several orders and were delivered in just 2 days, (given we are also in South Florida). Each tree was individually packed in a well protected box. Everglades Farm is my go-to place for high quality fruit trees.

Lee Johnson

Plant was in excellent shape when I received it! I am really happy with my purchase and can't wait to get some fruit!