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Danglemen Longan Tree, Air-Layered

Danglemen Longan Tree, Air-Layered

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      • Discover the Exotic Delight of Danglemen Longan Tree!

        Experience the enchantment of this rare and exotic Longan variety with our Air-Layered Danglemen Longan Tree, grown right here in the sunny paradise of Homestead, Florida. Here's why you'll love adding this gem to your garden:

        • Exotic and Rare: The Danglemen Longan is a truly unique and rare variety that will add a touch of allure to your fruit collection. Impress your family and friends with this extraordinary fruit tree.

        • Better Chance of Fruiting: Our Air-Layered Danglemen Longan Trees have a higher chance of bearing fruit since they are clones from mature, fruit-bearing trees. You won't have to wait long to enjoy the delectable taste of Longan.

        • Perfect Size: Standing at approximately 2-3 feet tall, our Longan tree is compact enough to fit into various garden spaces. It's also an excellent choice for container gardening.

        • Secure Shipping: Your Danglemen Longan Tree will arrive in pristine condition, carefully protected with triple layer packaging. We take great care in ensuring your plant arrives safe and ready to thrive.

        • Grown in Florida's Ideal Climate: Our Longan trees are nurtured in our plant nursery in Homestead, Florida, where they benefit from our subtropical weather. You can trust that they are well-suited to thrive in similar conditions.

        • Early Start for Fruit Production: With an average age of 6-12 months in a 2-gallon container, our Danglemen Longan Trees are already on their way to bearing delicious fruit.

        • Low Maintenance: Longan trees are generally low maintenance and easy to care for. You'll be rewarded with juicy and succulent fruit with minimal effort.

        • Longan Fruit: Longans are small, round fruits with a translucent, juicy flesh that is incredibly sweet and aromatic. They are perfect for eating fresh, adding to fruit salads, or making refreshing juices.

        • Expand Your Tropical Fruit Collection: In addition to the Danglemen Longan Tree, explore our diverse selection of tropical fruit trees that thrive in Florida's climate. From exotic mangos to flavorful lychees, we have a range of fruit trees to suit every palate.

        Experience the allure of the Danglemen Longan Tree from Everglades Farms. Add this unique treasure to your garden and delight in the wonders of tropical fruit right at your doorstep. Don't wait; start your tropical fruit adventure now!

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