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Yellow Spanish/Hog Plum, Ciruela, Jocote Amarillo, Tree

Yellow Spanish/Hog Plum, Ciruela, Jocote Amarillo, Tree

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  • Yellow Spanish/Hog Plum, Ciruela, Jocote Amarillo, Mombin Tree, a distinctive variety that gracefully sheds its leaves and goes dormant during the winter months.
  • Witness a stunning transformation during spring break as the tree bursts into vibrant flowers, with delightful fruits following in a mere 45-60 days.
  • Experience the convenience of fruiting and flowering right on the branches, a unique feature compared to hanging from the tips.
  • Discover the versatility of these plums, perfect for savoring as fresh fruit or picking while green for enhancing East Indian cooking.
  • Approximate height, including the container, ensures you have a sense of the tree's size upon arrival.
  • Each tree in a 3-gallon container has an average age of 6-12 months, providing a promising start for rapid growth and fruiting.
  • Nurtured in our Homestead, Florida plant nursery, benefiting from the advantages of our favorable subtropical weather.
  • Rest assured that this tree is propagated through cuttings, ensuring the preservation of its exceptional qualities.
  • Delight in the joy of harvest in just 1-2 years, as these remarkable trees mature and bear delicious fruits for you to enjoy.
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Customer Reviews

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Khalilur Rahman

Yellow Spanish/Hog Plum, Ciruela, Jocote Amarillo, Tree

Manuel "Manny" Sendon
Yellow Hog Plum

Extreme satisfied with condition of plants. Looking forward to posting photos once mature and baring fruit. Thank you Everglades Farm.

Lecia Powell
Never received!

I am still waiting for it

Yadira Navarro
Love them!

Fast shipping, trees arrived a little damaged but I understand that the carriers are not always careful with their handling, nothing to do with the seller. They are bouncing back nicely though. I’m very happy with my purchase.