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Beta Avocado Tree, Grafted

Beta Avocado Tree, Grafted

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Beta Avocado Tree - Grafted

Discover the exceptional qualities of our Beta Avocado Tree, a remarkable addition to your garden or orchard. This meticulously grafted avocado tree, standing at a height of 3 feet or taller, is a testament to both nature's marvel and human horticultural expertise. With a prime focus on quality and performance, Everglades Farms proudly presents the Beta Avocado Tree for sale, cultivated and nurtured in the lush subtropical climate of Homestead, Florida.

Key Features:

  • Mid-Season Excellence: The Beta Avocado Tree is renowned for its mid-season bounty, offering a delightful harvest window from July to September. Experience the joy of indulging in premium avocados during these months, elevating your culinary adventures.

  • Green Skin Richness: Yielding a consistent abundance of high-quality fruit with a vibrant green skin, the Beta Avocado Tree is a reliable source of avocados that are as visually appealing as they are deliciously satisfying.

  • Grafted for Greatness: Our Beta Avocado Trees are the result of meticulous grafting from a select, high-quality fruit-producing tree. This grafting technique ensures the transmission of superior traits, guaranteeing the tree's ability to flourish and produce fruit of exceptional caliber.

  • Homestead's Finest: Grown with care and expertise at our plant nursery in Homestead, Florida, these avocado trees thrive in the subtropical haven that this region provides. Benefit from the unique advantages of our local weather conditions, contributing to the tree's robust health and vitality.

  • Optimal Age and Container: Each Beta Avocado Tree, nurtured to perfection, resides within a 3-gallon plastic container. With an average age of 12-18 months, these trees are poised for exponential growth and rapid establishment, ensuring a strong foundation for future fruitfulness.

  • Nutrient-Rich Soil: The 3-Gal plastic container holds a treasure trove of potential, containing soil enriched with premium slow-release 8-3-9 granular fertilizer. This nutrient balance provides the essential elements necessary for sustained growth and a bountiful harvest.


  • Tree Height (including container): Approximately 3 feet or taller, offering an impressive presence that complements various garden or landscape designs.

Experience the journey of cultivating your very own Beta Avocado Tree, a testament to Everglades Farms' commitment to quality and horticultural excellence. Elevate your gardening pursuits with a tree that embodies the rich agricultural heritage of Florida while providing you with a consistent supply of delectable avocados.

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