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Bay Rum Lemon [Bayberry] Tree, Pimenta Racemosa

Bay Rum Lemon [Bayberry] Tree, Pimenta Racemosa

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Exotic Aroma: Native to the captivating islands of the Caribbean, the Bay Rum Lemon Tree (Pimenta Racemosa) is a fragrant wonder that adds an exotic touch to your surroundings.

  • Compact Elegance: Standing at a modest 4 feet tall, this tree boasts a perfect balance between short and medium size, making it an ideal choice for both compact and spacious gardens.

  • Resilient Beauty: Embrace its natural resilience as the Bay Rum Lemon Tree thrives in environments with temperatures as low as 26-30°F, showcasing its hardy and adaptable nature.

  • Versatile Cultivation: Cultivating this tree echoes the care for its aromatic cousin, allspice. Choose a spot basked in sunlight or adorned with gentle shade, and pamper it with consistent watering for flourishing growth.

  • Seed Propagation: Nurture growth from the ground up by propagating the Bay Rum Lemon Tree through its seeds, providing you with a satisfying gardening experience.

  • Aromatic Harvest: Delight in the art of extracting aromatic oils from its leaves, a process cherished by generations. These oils find their way into the world of perfumery, adding an alluring essence to scents.

  • Historical Allure: Immerse yourself in history as you discover the roots of the classic 'bay rum' cologne. Experience the traditional method of distilling the tree's oil using a blend of rum and water, creating a timeless and captivating fragrance.

Enhance your surroundings with the captivating Bay Rum Lemon Tree from Everglades Farms. Native to the Caribbean islands, this resilient and aromatic tree stands at 4 feet tall, adding an exotic touch to any garden. Its versatility in cultivation, reminiscent of allspice, ensures it thrives in various conditions. Discover the history behind 'bay rum' cologne, where fragrant oils meet the essence of rum, creating a timeless and captivating allure. Experience the essence of the Caribbean with the Bay Rum Lemon Tree.

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Customer Reviews

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Steve Sturdivant
Bay Rum Lemon [Bayberry] Tree, Pimenta Racemosa

Couldn't be happier...I paid for delivery but FedX did not deliver on time and box was crushed...But what I got was AMAZING...Thanku Everglades Farms

Jason C.
Healthy and vibrant

Both trees arrived quickly and individually packed in great shape. Beautiful trees with great structure.