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Pram Kai Mea / Brahm Kai Meuo Mango Tree, Grafted

Pram Kai Mea / Brahm Kai Meuo Mango Tree, Grafted

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  • Introducing the Pram Kai Mea / Brahm Kai Meuo Mango Tree - Taste the Exotic Sweetness of Thailand!

    • 100% Grafted Mango Tree for Sale: Enjoy the true essence of Thailand's delectable mango, now available in your garden.
    • Green Skin & Crunchy Sweet Flesh: Watch the mango transform as it ripens from green to light green skin and light yellow, super sweet flesh - a tantalizing treat for your taste buds!
    • Best Time to Savor: Indulge in the unique taste of Thai guava by enjoying this mango tree for sale when it's green and crunchy - a truly tropical delight!
    • High-Quality Fruit-Producing Tree: Our grafted mango trees guarantee high-quality fruit production, ensuring a bountiful harvest for years to come.
    • Grown in Homestead, Florida: Our plant nursery utilizes the advantages of Florida's subtropical weather to nurture these magnificent mango trees.
    • Rapid Growth: With an average age of 12-18 months in a 2-gallon container, our mango trees are ready to thrive in your garden.
    • Convenient Shipping: Your mango tree for sale will arrive in a 3-gallon plastic container, securely packaged and ready to flourish.
    • Premium Slow Release Fertilizer: Our soil contains high-quality, granular 8-3-9 fertilizer, ensuring your mango tree receives the nourishment it needs to thrive.
    • Approximate Height Included: Get an idea of the tree's size, including the container, for easy planning and placement in your garden.

    Experience the magic of Thailand's most beloved mango variety, the Pram Kai Mea / Brahm Kai Meuo, right in your backyard. Order now and embark on a journey of unique flavors and sweet delights!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Tree not healthy, just hope it comeback to life

Linh Tran
Mango trees

Healthy plants and beautiful plants. I just wished it was a little bigger for the price.

seng lin

Pram Kai Mea / Brahm Kai Meuo Mango Tree, 2-3 feet tall Grafted, For Sale from Florida


Fast shipping,healthy tree

Don P from RC, CA
Excellent packaging again

The mango tree arrived in great shape, Thank you!