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Breadfruit Tree, Air Layered

Breadfruit Tree, Air Layered

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  • Breadfruit is consumed as a staple throughout the tropics, and it can be roasted, fried, baked, or broiled
  • The flavor of the cooked fruit tastes similar to fresh baked bread and is also described as being somewhat potato-like.
  • Today there is a great deal of interest in breadfruit as a subsistence crop in less developed countries and island nations where domestic food production is extremely limited
  • The fruit are high in carbohydrates, and they are an excellent source of protein as well
  • Breadfruit are truly tropical, and they are limited to regions that never freeze. For that reason they can only be grown in the US in Hawaii or the Florida Keys, unless they are grown in a climate-controlled greenhouse
  • This tree is propagated by airlayering. It is a clone of a mature tree, and it typically produces fruit within 1-3 years 
  • Exposure: Full Sun - Cold Hardiness: 50 degrees - Soils: Moist, well-drained - Growth Rate: Fast - Ave. Height x Width: 35' x 20'  - Spacing: 20 - 25 feet 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mahendra Bharat Bharat
Awesome tree

Janet and the whole crew are very helpful and knowledgeable

Clarence Faulkner

I got my breadfruit plant and am very,very happy with it I being looking for this plant for so long it’s in the ground now and doing good you guys are just good,good thanks


Plant came in unhealthy. It was not normal “stress” from traveling. They get 1 stars because the packaging was well done. Customer service absolutely horrendous. I will not be shopping with them again.

Elsa Torres

The tree look dead when came after been in transit for to long.

Jay Innocent

Bought the Breadfruit back in March. Doing very well