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Donnie Avocado Tree Grafted

Donnie Avocado Tree Grafted

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  • Donnie Avocado Tree - Taste the Creamy Perfection!

    • Grafted for Faster Fruit: Our Donnie Avocado trees are carefully grafted to ensure fruit production in just 2-3 years.

    • Healthy and Mature: Each tree is grown for an average of 12-18 months in a 3-gallon container, ensuring it's strong and ready to flourish in your garden.

    • Premium Fruit Producer: Grafted from a high-quality, fruit-bearing Avocado tree, expect an abundant harvest of delicious, green-skinned avocados.

    • Green Gold: Enjoy large, luscious avocados with green skin, each weighing between 24-40 oz.

    • Perfect Packaging: Your avocado tree will be shipped in a sturdy plastic container with nutrient-rich soil, ensuring its safety during transit.

    • Taste of Summer: Harvest time falls between July and September, providing you with the freshest avocados during the sunny season.

    • Type A Variety: Our Donnie Avocado tree belongs to the Type A category, known for its versatility and culinary appeal.

    Experience the delight of homegrown avocados with our Donnie Avocado Tree. Whether it's for salads, guacamole, or simply enjoying on toast, you'll savor the creamy goodness with every bite. Don't miss this opportunity to add a touch of tropical luxury to your garden! Order now and get ready to enjoy the taste of creamy perfection. Happy gardening!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sabrina Wolpert
Excellent Tree

Beautiful green leaves. Followed directions on transplanting. Looks great 👍


, only half the tree, one side, had no branches or leaves, the other side had all. I bought three trees two were beautiful one was lackluster.

Kelly C
Great Service, Great Tree

I am very happy with my avocado tree. It's huge and healthy! The shipping company delivered my tree to the wrong house and Everglades Farm sent me a new one, even though it wasn't their fault. I will definitely order from here again. Great experience all around.

Michael Holdren
My New Donnie Avocado Tree

My Donnie avocado tree arrived in excellent condition. I unboxed it and removed the plastic and straightened the top.
The tree arrived in such great condition and I ordered a Semi-Dwarf Simmonds within a week of receiving the Donnie.
I hope to see them both produce avocados in the future. Thank you Everglades Farm.

Jorge Betancourt
Avacado and Mango

I ordered an Avacado and Mango tree from Everglades Farm, to my amazement the plants came intact, perfectly boxed up, all leaves were on the trees and they both looked perfectly healthy, I can see where the trees were grafted, everything looked professionally done. Looking forward to buying other fruit trees from everglades farm in the future.