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Arapaho Thornless Blackberry Plant

Arapaho Thornless Blackberry Plant

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  • Arapaho Thornless Blackberry Plant (Rubus 'Arapaho')

    • Height: 2-3 feet tall
    • Location: Grown and nurtured in the lush landscapes of Florida
  • Thornless Beauty:

    • Enjoy plump, juicy blackberries without the hassle of thorns
    • Family-friendly and safe for kids to harvest
  • High-Yield Harvest:

    • Abundant yield of delectable blackberries per plant
    • Relish the joy of picking your own homegrown berries
  • Versatile Growing:

    • Ideal for both beginners and experienced gardeners
    • Thrives in a variety of climates and soil conditions
  • Year-Round Appeal:

    • Beautiful foliage adds aesthetic charm to your garden or landscape
    • Graceful white blossoms in spring transform into rich, ripe berries
  • Health Benefits:

    • Nutrient-rich blackberries packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber
    • Enhance your diet with homegrown, organic goodness
  • Easy Maintenance:

    • Low-maintenance plant requiring minimal care
    • Pruning and upkeep made simple, even for those new to gardening
  • Space-Saving Option:

    • Compact growth habit perfect for small gardens, patios, or containers
    • Maximizes berry production in limited spaces
  • Pollinator Friendly:

    • Attracts pollinators like bees, promoting a healthy ecosystem
    • Encourage biodiversity while enjoying a fruitful harvest
  • Everglades Farms Quality:

    • Handpicked and nurtured by expert horticulturists
    • Trust in our commitment to delivering top-notch, healthy plants
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

    • Join countless satisfied customers who've experienced success with our plants
    • Support and guidance available for all your planting needs

Transform your outdoor space with the Arapaho Thornless Blackberry Plant from Everglades Farms. Experience the joy of homegrown, succulent blackberries – order yours today!

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Cronin
Very Healthy

I could not believe the size and how healthy this plant was when it arrived. I followed the instructions and put it outside to get accumulated before planting it into a very large nursery pot. I have had it for about a month now and it never as much has had one bad leave on it. I’m very impressed with quality of everything I have ordered. I have only ordered from here once so far and I ordered a Loquat, Ice Cream Banana and this blackberry and I was blown away on the great size and health of each one I ordered. I live in SW Florida and each one is just thriving