At Everglades Farm, we understand the importance of providing our customers with the best soil options for successful plant growth. When it comes to choosing the right soil for your fruit trees, we recommend the following guidelines:

  1. Commercial Potting Soils: Most commercial potting soils available in the market are suitable for growing fruit trees. They provide a balanced blend of nutrients and drainage properties essential for healthy plant growth.

  2. Customized Potting Mix: For those seeking an alternative option, you can create a custom potting mix by combining 1 part sand, 1 part peat, and 1 part bark or perlite. This blend will ensure good drainage while retaining adequate moisture levels.

  3. Loose and Well-Draining Medium: Regardless of the potting soil you choose, it should have a loose texture, allowing air circulation around the roots and preventing waterlogging. Adequate but not excessive drainage is essential for the overall health of your fruit trees.

At Everglades Farm, we cultivate thousands of plants every year, and our vast experience has led us to select specific potting mixes tailored to our unique growing conditions. While we often use a mix of 40% Florida peat, 35% Pine Bark 3/4, and 25% Wood Pines for our plants, we recognize that different species may have varying soil requirements. As a result, not all our plants will have the same mix, especially when we source them from other local growers.

Occasionally, you may discover big worms in the potted soil of your plants. Rest assured, these worms are centipedes, which are beneficial for soil health. Despite their intimidating appearance, they pose no threat to your plants. In fact, centipedes play a crucial role in soil aeration and natural insect control, contributing to the overall balance of your plant's ecosystem.

While we take precautions to minimize the occurrence of centipedes, nature's processes may still lead to their presence. If you come across centipedes in your soil, you can carefully remove them and dispose of them without causing harm. Remember, they are valuable allies in maintaining the health and vitality of your fruit trees.

At Everglades Farm, we are committed to providing you with not only high-quality plants but also valuable information to ensure your gardening success. If you have any questions about soil or any other aspect of plant care, our knowledgeable team is always here to assist you. Happy gardening!