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Persian (Tahiti) Lime Citrus Tree

Persian (Tahiti) Lime Citrus Tree

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USDA regulations do not allow shipping this tree outside the State of Florida.

  • When can I expect fruit from this tree?
    1-2 years, on average
  • Average time in our nursery according to tree size
    1-2 feet: 6 months  (typically ships in 1 or 2 gal container)
    2-3 feet: 12-18 months (typically ships in 2 or 3 gal container)
    3-4 feet: 18-24+ months (typically ships in 3 gal container)
    (the height also includes the container)

Tree Size (as shipped): 1-2 feet
Mature Tree Size (Approx. 10yrs): 12-14 feet
Harvest: June – Sept
Seeds Per Fruit: 0 – 1
Propagation: From cuttings

VERY COLD SENSITIVE; larger, traditional lime

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Edward L Vernon
Trees are perfect!

I did not expect my two drawf citrus trees to arrive in USPS Mail. The trees were carefully packaged and received in perfect shape! One of the trees has tiny fruit already after two weeks. Looking forward to a long and healthy growing process!

Thomas Hyde

Persian (Tahiti) Lime Citrus Tree, 2-3 feet tall, for Sale from Florida

Douglas Russell
Lime tree arrived perfect

I want to order another (same) lime tree
But can you special order a kafer lime for me?

Rafael Tejeda
Sick, Poor quality, overpriced Plants

Bought a variety of fruit plants, 14 to be exact.
Some are sick with some pest eating away at leaves. Sprayed Neem Oil and will wait to see.
Repotted all to bigger fabric pots tilI am sure where they would like to be. Been Plant Dad worried not a good feeling in the least.
Disabled Veteran into gardening just bought home and planned to set these trees up at their growing place but I doubt half will make it.
Getting full sun, watered regularly. Light fert since it's winter. Just whats in soil and water.
The Blackberries were so bad I was sent an extra one for total of three. Not wowed by you guys.
Oh well wish me luck. Been at this for years at 58 now.
Any break here?

Dwayne Bell
Persian (Tahiti) Lime Citrus Tree

Fair price. Shipping was very fast and tree arrived in great shape. Watering frequently. Will bring inside when weather starts getting cold (at least for this year) and hoping for limes this spring.