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Vietnam Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, Grafted

Vietnam Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, Grafted

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  • Vietnam Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, Grafted: Exotic Delights from Everglades Farms
    • Perfectly Sized for Any Space:

      • Easily pruned to maintain a compact height of around 8 feet, ideal for small gardens, patios, and urban spaces.
      • Flourish in limited spaces without compromising on fruit production, making it a versatile choice for any garden.
    • Abundant Harvests, Petite Delicacies:

      • Experience a bountiful yield of medium-sized fruits, distinct from larger jackfruits, ensuring ease of handling and a unique taste profile.
      • Enjoy the convenience of potential biannual fruiting, with each season yielding a remarkable 20-30 fruits, providing a continuous supply of delicious treasures.
    • Effortless Growth and Maintenance:

      • Thrive in a variety of environments, adapting well to Florida's subtropical climate, thanks to our dedicated plant nursery in Homestead.
      • A true space-saver, this variety proves that big things come in small packages, requiring minimal space for growth and bearing.
    • Weighing in on Flavor and Quality:

      • Relish in the succulent goodness of jackfruit, with an average fruit weight of 20 pounds, striking a balance between size and taste.
      • Delight in the unique flavor profile of our Vietnam Dwarf variety, adding a touch of the exotic to your culinary experiences.
    • Nurtured to Perfection:

      • Cultivated with care in our Homestead-based nursery, benefiting from Florida's subtropical climate, resulting in robust and healthy trees.
      • Our grafted trees boast an average age of 6-12 months in plastic containers, ensuring they are well-established and ready to flourish in your care.
    • Easy Shipping and Planting:

      • Receive your thriving Vietnam Dwarf Jackfruit Tree conveniently in a plastic container, ready to be planted and admired in your chosen location.
      • Embark on your journey to homegrown delights with ease, as our trees are meticulously prepared for a seamless transition from nursery to your garden.

Experience the allure of the Vietnam Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, Grafted, available exclusively from Everglades Farms. Elevate your gardening endeavors with this exceptional variety that combines convenience, quality, and flavor. Order yours today and relish in the joy of cultivating your very own tropical treasure!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Vietnam Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, Grafted

Planted. Looks okay.
I can’t wait to have fruits.

George Joseph
Look Good

I planted it and it is alive and healthy free from any transportation damage..

Michael Meyer
Little tree...Big fruit

I have purchased several trees from Everglades Farm and they always come healthy and packed well for the journey to Orlando!


Vietnam Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, Grafted

chien tang

Vietnam Dwarf Jackfruit Tree, Grafted