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Green Sugar Apple, Sweetsop, Annona Tree

Green Sugar Apple, Sweetsop, Annona Tree

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Delicious Sugar Apple (Annona Squamosa) Trees for Sale from Florida's Everglades Farms!

  • Fast Fruit Yield: Yields delectable fruit in just 1-2 years, whether planted in the ground or containers.
  • Healthy and Mature: Our 3-gallon container trees are 6-12 months old on average, ensuring a head start in growth.
  • Florida's Finest: Grown in our top-tier plant nursery nestled in the warmth of Homestead, Florida, benefiting from our ideal subtropical weather.
  • Nurtured from Seeds: Each tree is lovingly cultivated from seeds, guaranteeing unique and thriving specimens.
  • Abundant Harvest: Mature sugar apple trees bear a bountiful yield of 20 to 50 delicious fruits per tree.
  • Seasonal Availability: Wondering why Sugar Apples aren't available in winter? These trees undergo a natural leaf-changing process during the winter months. Fear not! They'll be back and ready to purchase again after the winter season.

Why Choose Sugar Apple Trees from Everglades Farms?

  • Premium Quality Guaranteed: Our meticulously nurtured trees promise superior taste and health for your orchard or garden.
  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in cultivating subtropical plants, we bring you the very best in sugar apple trees.
  • Versatile Planting Options: Whether you have ample garden space or a cozy balcony, our sugar apple trees flourish in both ground and container settings.
  • Sustainably Grown: We take pride in sustainable farming practices, ensuring a positive impact on the environment.
  • Local Floridian Pride: Embrace the essence of Florida by bringing home these authentic sugar apple trees, grown with love in the heart of the Everglades.

Bring the Taste of the Tropics Home - Buy Sugar Apple Trees Now!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sleiman Ghazal

I was very happy with your order the sugar apple and I will repeat back my business with you again and thank you very much

Augusto Hernandez

Green Sugar Apple, Sweetsop, Annona Tree

Raul Molarte

Had my hopes for nice specimen based on product pictures and descriptions, only to receive such lousy ones with its leaves or branches all cut just to fit into packing making them look like they just went through a hurricane. The so-called 7 gal of sapodilla appeared to have been transferred in a rush into some makeshift container and overfilled with dirt. BIG LETDOWN!11

Ravi Kancharlapalli
Sugar apple plant

We received the plant in great shape and is growing very healthy , i highly recommend this place for all your plants and trees


Nice plants, good roots.