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Arkin Star fruit Carambola Fruit Tree, Grafted

Arkin Star fruit Carambola Fruit Tree, Grafted

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Arkin Star Fruit Carambola Fruit Tree - Taste the Tropical Delight!

Introducing our exquisite Arkin Star Fruit Carambola Fruit Tree, a true star in your garden that delights with its unique flavor and stunning appearance. Here's why you'll love this fruit tree:

  • Distinctive Star-Shaped Fruit: Enjoy the beauty of yellow star-shaped fruit with waxy skin and five pronounced ridges, creating a mesmerizing star pattern when sliced crosswise. The Arkin Star fruit tree will surely be the centerpiece of your garden.

  • Continuous Fruit Production: Flourishing in high temperatures of at least 60°F (15°C), this starfruit tree provides you with a year-round supply of sweet and tangy star-shaped delights. Say goodbye to seasonal fruit cravings!

  • Versatility in Growing Conditions: The Arkin Star fruit tree adapts well to various soil types, but it thrives exceptionally in rich loam with a moderately acidic pH range of 5.5-6.5. Its root system remains resilient against common root diseases, making it a resilient addition to your potted fruit tree collection.

  • Sun-Loving but Flexible: Embrace the sun-loving nature of the Carambola as it basks in full sunlight. However, it's also content with partial sun, accommodating various garden settings.

  • Moderate Watering Needs: Avoid overwatering to prevent sensitivity issues, but rest assured that the Arkin Star fruit tree maintains its health with moderate watering practices. No need to fret about root diseases affecting other potted fruit trees.

  • Nourishment for Optimal Growth: To witness the Arkin Star fruit tree at its best, feed it balanced fertilizer during spring through fall. Slow-release or organic granular fertilizers applied every few months ensure its steady growth and abundant fruiting.

  • Expertly Shipped in 3-Gallon Container: Each Arkin Star fruit tree is carefully nurtured and shipped in a 3-Gallon plastic container, guaranteeing its safe arrival in excellent condition. You can confidently kickstart your starfruit growing journey.

Join the tropical fruit enthusiasts at Everglades Farms and bring home the captivating Arkin Star Fruit Carambola Fruit Tree. Discover the joy of homegrown starfruit and elevate your culinary experiences with this celestial delight. Add it to your cart today and let the stargazing begin! Happy planting!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fantastic and healthy tree!

Large, healthy, and packed well. The speed of delivery was insane. Very professional nursery. I’ll be a loyal customer.

Healthy tree

my second ordered from this nursery
A Healthy tree and got some young fruits, love my tree


Tree came beautifully packed and healthy

Healthy tree

Tree arrived in a very healthy state. FedEx beat a hole into the side like they usually do, but it didn't harm the plant at all. I thought the price was a bit steep at first ordering, but the tree was actually significantly taller than I had expected. Money well spent.

My Star fruit has fruits after 1 year

My tree is having fruit in pot :) very happy