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Siam Ruby Banana Plant

Siam Ruby Banana Plant

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Musa 'Siam Ruby' has leaves that are red with a hint of bronze and highlights of chartreuse green flecks. The young plant is bright green and starts to develop the red color as it matures, usually by the time it is 12" tall. More sunlight will bring out brighter, stronger red color and deeper contrast with the occasional green variegation. 'Siam Ruby' adds dramatic color to a mixed combo and also works great on its own.

This plant does not produce fruit. It is only an ornamental plant. 

  • Dramatic Red Color
  • Vivid Chartreuse Speckles
  • Highly Desired
  • Zone: 9-11

Siam Ruby Red Banana, a stunning addition to your plant collection! This Musa plant comes in a one gallon plastic container and stands at around 2 feet tall, making it the perfect size for indoor or outdoor spaces.

The Siam Ruby Red Banana is known for its striking appearance. Its deep green leaves are highlighted with reddish-purple accents, while the fruit of the plant is a vibrant red color. This plant is a conversation-starter and is sure to turn heads wherever it is placed.

Not only is the Siam Ruby Red Banana visually appealing, but it is also relatively low-maintenance. It prefers full sun to partial shade and regular watering. With a bit of care, this plant can thrive and continue to impress for years to come.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Frank Ventimiglia
    Excellent Quality Delivered

    Another excellent banana plant is in my garden from Everglades Farm. This time I bought the Siam Ruby Banana for the big bold reds it adds to the Garden.

    Frank V
    High Quality Product Delivered Quickly

    I’ve ordered a few different plants from Everglades Farms and they have all come through in great shape. I would buy from them again. The Siam Ruby Bananas I ordered are already 2x the size and thriving in my garden.