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Sein Ta Lone Mango Tree, Grafted

Sein Ta Lone Mango Tree, Grafted

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  • Sein Ta Lone Mango Tree - Grafted

    • Productive: High-yield mango tree delivering abundant and juicy fruit.
    • Yellow: Beautifully vibrant yellow mangoes that are a delight to behold.
    • #1 in Burma: Esteemed as the top mango variety in Burma, renowned for its exceptional taste and quality.
    • Sweet: Irresistibly sweet mangoes that satisfy every palate.
    • Full & Partial Sunlight: Thrives in both full and partial sunlight, making it adaptable to various growing conditions.
    • Early Fruiting Variety: Yields delicious fruit at an early age, so you can enjoy your mangoes sooner.
    • Origin: Florida: Sourced from the heart of Florida, ensuring authenticity and excellence.
    • Suitable for Containers: Perfect for limited space in homes, can be grown in containers with ease.
    • Average Age of Tree in 3-Gal Container: 6-12 months, providing a head start for fruit production.
    • Grown in Homestead, Florida: Cultivated in our plant nursery with the benefits of our subtropical weather, guaranteeing strong and healthy growth.
    • Ships in a 3-Gal Plastic Container: Convenient and secure packaging to ensure the safe arrival of your mango tree.
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Customer Reviews

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Sein Ta Lone from EverGlades Farm

I bought 5 plants from EverGlades farm website and received excellent healthy plants including my favorite mango Sein Ta Lone and I order again another 5 plant this week. I recommend all fruit lovers to buy from EverGlads Farm.

Khin u Khine
Diamond mango

Hope to it will grow and bear fruit.