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Sapodilla Nispero OX, Tree Grafted

Sapodilla Nispero OX, Tree Grafted

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  • Introducing the Sapodilla Nispero Tree - OX Variety, Grafted, 3 Feet Tall, For Sale from Florida!

    • Also known as Oxkutzcab, the Sapodilla Nispero OX Variety is a highly sought-after tree with abundant fruit production.
    • Standing at an approximate height of 3-Feet, these grafted trees are carefully nurtured in our own plant nursery nestled in the sunny subtropical climate of Homestead, Florida.
    • Our 6-month-old trees, thriving in 3-gallon containers, guarantee a healthy start for your garden or orchard.
    • With proper care and suitable conditions, these grafted trees can start bearing fruit in as little as 2-3 years - providing you with delightful harvests for years to come.
    • The versatility of the Sapodilla Nispero OX Variety allows it to be grown in containers, adapting to the available space. The growth rate may vary depending on the container size you choose.
    • Originally from Mexico, this fruit boasts a roundish shape and weighs between 12-16 ounces, offering a delectable treat.
    • The Sapodilla Nispero OX Variety is a seasonal delight, yielding its bountiful fruits from May to September - bringing joy to your table during these months.
    • As a top-notch producer, this tree ensures you'll have a plentiful supply of delicious fruit for your family or business needs.

    Experience the true essence of nature with our Sapodilla Nispero OX Variety. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your garden with a fruitful addition. Buy your own tree now and enjoy the rewards of your investment in no time!

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Less than 20 inches with pot

Too small ...... not accurate with the description.

Linh Bui

Come on time.Fresh.Very nice tree.Love it very much.