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Raja Puri Banana Plant

Raja Puri Banana Plant

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  • Raja Puri Banana Plant, For Sale from Florida
    • A Popular Sturdy Plant Originating in India: Experience the allure of the Raja Puri Banana, a beloved plant with its roots in India, now available in Florida.
    • Perfect for Container Gardening: Embrace the convenience of container gardening with the Raja Puri Banana Plant, thriving beautifully in pots.
    • Grown from High-Quality Seedlings or Cuttings: Our Raja Puri Bananas are carefully nurtured from premium seedlings or cuttings, ensuring superior growth and fruit production.
    • Rapid Growth and Irresistible Taste: Witness the astonishing growth rate of the Raja Puri Banana Plant and delight in its delectable flavor.
    • Good Cold Tolerance: Conquer challenging climates with the Raja Puri Banana, known for its impressive cold tolerance.
    • Cultivated in Homestead, Florida's Subtropical Haven: Our Raja Puri Banana Plants are lovingly grown in our Homestead-based plant nursery, capitalizing on the advantages of our lush subtropical weather.
    • Average Age of Tree in 3-Gal Container: 12-18 Months: Benefit from the head start with our 3-gallon container plants, aged 12-18 months for faster fruiting.
    • Ships in a 3-Gal Plastic Container: Receive your Raja Puri Banana Plant securely packed in a 3-gallon plastic container, ensuring a safe journey to your doorstep.
    • Enhanced with Premium Slow-Release 8-3-9 Granular Fertilizer: Our carefully nurtured plants come with nutrient-rich soil, including premium slow-release 8-3-9 granular fertilizer.
    • Approximate Height (including container): 2-3 Feet: Start your tropical garden off right with Raja Puri Banana Plants standing tall at 2-3 feet (including container).

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Customer Reviews

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Jerry Stone
Banana tree

The tree arrived in great shape and was much larger than advertised. We are very happy with the order.