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Meiwa Kumquat Citrus Tree

Meiwa Kumquat Citrus Tree

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Meiwa Kumquat Citrus Tree - Sweetness in Every Bite!

  • Perfectly Sized: This Meiwa Kumquat tree arrives at your doorstep at a height of 18-24 inches, ready to flourish in your garden.

  • Abundant Harvest: Enjoy the fruits of your labor from November to April when the tree matures to a height of 12-14 feet.

  • Deliciously Round Fruits: Savor the unique sweetness of Meiwa Kumquats; these round fruits are a delightful treat for your taste buds.

  • Eat Peel and All: Unlike other citrus fruits, Meiwa Kumquats can be enjoyed whole, peel and all, offering a burst of flavors.

  • Versatile for Culinary Uses: Their sweetness and natural tang make them perfect for making marmalades, jams, and adding zest to dishes.

  • Grafted for Superior Quality: Grafted onto standard rootstock, this tree ensures consistent and superior fruit production.

  • Easy to Grow: Plant in a sunny spot with well-draining soil, water moderately, and watch your tree thrive.

  • Exotic Appeal: Add an exotic touch to your landscape with this elegant and fruit-bearing Meiwa Kumquat tree.

  • Note on Shipping: Due to USDA regulations, we regretfully cannot ship this tree to AZ, CA, LA, HI, or TX.

Bring the sweetness of Meiwa Kumquats to your garden and elevate your culinary delights. Experience the joy of harvesting fresh, flavorful fruits right at home. Buy your Meiwa Kumquat Citrus Tree now and let the citrus adventure begin! Happy gardening!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Charles Rentz

Have not received it yet.

Todd G.
Happy I got my Kumquat, but Customer Service is really BAD.

Very happy I got my Meiwa Kumquat (very difficult to find), but the Customer Service is really bad and doesn't take ownership for their mistakes. They shipped me the wrong tree. They left me on my own to find my own shipping box (original was torn up in the delivery), pack it and return it (with their shipping label). I realize mistakes are made, but no offer was made from the Customer Service for all the trouble I had to go through from 'their' mistake (only "Hey if you keep the wrong tree, we will give you a discount." Give me a Break!). Had them send me the correct tree and then they didn't even offer me a discount on my Meiwa purchase for my troubles. Will not be buying from them again. If you do buy from them, just know that you are on your own for any ordering/shipping problems.

Paul Banquer
Meiwa Kumquat Tree Purchase

My Meiwa Kumquat tree arrived a little thirsty for water but with lots of green leaves and a few kumquats. After only one day of sun and water it perked up nicely. It’s grown some in the last week. I would definitely buy again! I think everyone will be jealous.