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Loquat Oliver, Japanese Plum Tree Grafted

Loquat Oliver, Japanese Plum Tree Grafted

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Loquat Oliver - Japanese Plum Tree Grafted (3 feet tall)

Experience the exceptional beauty and delectable taste of the Loquat Oliver, a Japanese Plum Tree Grafted to perfection. At Everglades Farms, we take pride in offering you a remarkable addition to your garden, straight from our lush plant nursery in Homestead, Florida. Our Loquat Oliver trees are cultivated with care, benefiting from the bounty of our subtropical climate, ensuring robust growth and abundant fruiting.

Discover the highlights of our Loquat Oliver tree:

  • Grafted Excellence: Each Loquat Oliver tree stands at an impressive 3 feet tall, showcasing the result of expert grafting techniques. This ensures that you'll enjoy a hardy and vigorous tree that's ready to flourish.

  • Rapid Growth and Early Fruiting: With an average age of 6 months in a 2-gallon container, these trees are poised for success. Experience the joy of homegrown fruit sooner than you'd expect, as the Loquat Oliver starts bearing luscious plum-like fruits at just one to two years of age.

  • Winter Bounty: Elevate your garden with a touch of winter magic. The cold-hardy nature of the Loquat Oliver tree makes it a cherished addition, especially during the winter months. Revel in the beauty of its evergreen foliage while relishing the delight of fresh, juicy fruit when most other trees lay dormant.

  • Homestead's Finest: Grown with passion and expertise in our Homestead, Florida plant nursery, the Loquat Oliver thrives in the very environment it will call home. Our subtropical weather imparts resilience and strength, ensuring your tree adapts effortlessly to your garden.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond its delectable fruit and hardiness, the Loquat Oliver graces your landscape with its ornamental charm. Clusters of fragrant, white blossoms emerge in spring, transforming into clusters of golden fruit that lend an enchanting touch to your outdoor space.

  • Nurturing Guidance: At Everglades Farms, we're not just selling trees – we're offering a journey. Our team is here to provide you with expert guidance, from planting to care, ensuring your Loquat Oliver thrives and becomes a cherished part of your botanical haven.

Don't miss the opportunity to welcome the Loquat Oliver - a Japanese Plum Tree Grafted to perfection - into your garden. Order now from Everglades Farms and relish in the beauty, flavor, and resilience that this exceptional tree brings to your outdoor oasis.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wilbert Kuang

Arrived healthy

Jock Felt

Tree arrived in good shape. Have it in the ground. Will see how it goes. Will definitely do business with Everglades Farm in the future. They a have a decent selection and prices are reasonable

Lisa Cronin
Beautiful Tree

I ordered an Ice Cream Banana, a Blackberry , and a Loquat. They all came in excellent condition. They are all a good size. I followed the instruction and waited 2 weeks to plant the trees. Despite the very hot temps, they are all doing excellent. You just cannot find these in the store. I also told my friend to order from here and she is also very happy with the quality of the trees she ordered compared to where she was getting them. This is by far the place to get your trees. I live in SW Florida.