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Hardee Avocado Tree Grafted

Hardee Avocado Tree Grafted

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  • Hardee Avocado Tree Grafted: Thriving Taste and Abundant Harvest
    • Fruit Size: 1 - 2 lbs, offering a generous yield per fruit.
    • Large, Early-Season Delight: Enjoy the anticipation of harvesting robust red-skinned avocados early in the season.
    • Petite Seeds, More Fruit: Revel in the pleasure of relishing avocado flesh with a minimal seed presence, maximizing your edible yield.
    • Sunlight Flexibility: Flourishes in both full and partial sunlight, adapting to various growing conditions for your convenience.
    • Cultivated Expertise: Each tree boasts an average age of 12 months in a 3-gallon container, ensuring a strong foundation for optimal growth.
    • Homestead's Gift: Our trees thrive in the nurturing embrace of Homestead, Florida's subtropical climate, guaranteeing the benefits of our unique weather conditions.
    • A Self-Sufficient Bloomer: Boasting Type B Flowers, this tree is a self-pollinator, reducing the need for multiple trees for cross-pollination.
    • Aspire Upwards: Expect this majestic tree to reach heights of at least 3 feet, promising a striking presence in your garden or landscape.
    • Hand-Grafted Excellence: Expertly grafted to ensure top-tier quality and performance, offering you a head start on your avocado-growing journey.

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Exposure Full / Partial Sun
Cold Hardiness 20-25 degrees
Moist, well-drained
Growth Rate
Mature Height: 30 ft / 8 ft in container
Mature Width: 20 ft / 5 ft in container
Fruiting Season July - August
Growing Zones: 4-11 patio/indoor - 8-11 - ground/outdoors
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