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Florida Grande Peach Tree

Florida Grande Peach Tree

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  • Thriving in Tropical Delights: The Florida Grande Peach Tree, a flourishing member of our Everglades Farms family, is perfectly suited for the tropical allure of Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Caribbean. With a penchant for warm climates, this low-chill peach variety stands as a testament to the magnificence of nature's harmony.

  • A Symphony of Flavorful Delights: Harvesting a symphony of taste, the Florida Grande Peach Tree yields a bountiful crop of medium-sized, red-skinned peaches that are a marvel to the senses. These peaches, with their soft and melting texture, unveil an exceptional, semi-freestone, yellow center that encapsulates a world of flavor perfection.

  • An Orchestrated Ripening Performance: Nature's symphony reaches its crescendo as these peaches ripen mid-May to June, enveloping your surroundings with a burst of color and aroma. This performance is a product of precise timing, with fruit ripening 100-105 days after full bloom.

  • A Chill That Delivers: Embracing the subtropical charm of Homestead, Florida, our Florida Grande Peach Tree revels in its surroundings. With its requirement of less than 100 chilling units, this tree showcases its adaptability to the rhythm of the local climate, ensuring an abundant and fruitful yield.

  • Cultivated with Nurturing Expertise: Our plant nursery in Homestead, Florida, serves as the cradle of growth for these magnificent trees. Nurtured by the gentle caress of our subtropical weather, each tree in our 3-gallon plastic container carries an average age of 6 months, ready to embark on a journey of vibrant growth.

  • A Grafted Path to Prosperity: The artistry of grafting bestows our Florida Grande Peach Trees with the potential to bear fruit within 2-3 years, when provided with the right conditions and attentive care. This accelerated timeline ensures that your investment yields sweet dividends sooner.

  • Nature's Resilience, Delivered to Your Door: Our Florida Grande Peach Tree arrives at your doorstep, nestled in a 3-gallon plastic container. Its resilient spirit is further underscored by its ability to withstand cold temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, standing tall even in the face of cooler moments.

  • Chill Hours Unveiled: A cold-hardy companion, this peach tree thrives through chill hours – the unit of time spent at or below 45°F and above 32°F. With each passing chill hour, the Florida Grande Peach Tree gathers strength, ensuring a robust and vibrant performance in your garden.

With the Florida Grande Peach Tree from Everglades Farms, you're not just welcoming a tree – you're inviting an exquisite spectacle of nature's beauty and flavor into your world. Cultivated with care, nurtured by expertise, and delivered to your door, this tree is a testament to the harmonious blend of human and natural artistry.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Eric Eichensehr

    don't use everglades. they don't back their products

    Lawrence Drew
    Half dead Florida grande peach.

    I received a half dead Florida grande peach. I'm still trying to bring it back to life. Almost all the leaves have fallen off. It's not worth $106 dollars. Thanks.

    Margo Gardner
    Hopeful for peaches

    Arrived in perfect shape. It’s put out new growth already. I’m waiting for fall to put in the ground. Very happy with it.


    Plant arrived in great shape and so healthy