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Blue Agave Maguey Agave Azul Plant

Blue Agave Maguey Agave Azul Plant

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Blue Agave Maguey Agave Azul Plant - For Sale from Florida

Discover the allure of the captivating Blue Agave Maguey Agave Azul, a remarkable succulent that exudes both beauty and functionality. At Everglades Farms, we take pride in offering you these exceptional plants that thrive under the nurturing embrace of Florida's subtropical climate. Dive into the details below to uncover why the Blue Agave Maguey Agave Azul is an excellent addition to your garden:

  • Exotic Elegance: Elevate the aesthetics of your landscape with the striking Blue Agave Maguey Agave Azul. Its distinctive blue-green leaves form a mesmerizing rosette, creating a focal point that commands attention.

  • Time to Fruit: While patience is a virtue, the rewards are worth the wait. Anticipate the joy of harvesting fruit from your Blue Agave Maguey Agave Azul after 6-10 years on average. Witness the transformation from a young sapling to a fruitful specimen.

  • Nursery Expertise: Our nurturing hands tend to these plants in our Homestead, Florida nursery. Depending on the size you choose, expect to see your 2-3 feet tree flourish within 6-12 months, while the 3-4 feet variant takes 12-18+ months to mature. Rest assured, every moment spent in our nursery prepares your plant for a vibrant life ahead.

  • Versatile Growing Zones: Embrace the versatility of the Blue Agave Maguey Agave Azul as it thrives in various settings. For those in Zones 4-7, it makes a delightful patio addition, infusing your outdoor space with a touch of exotic charm. In Zones 8-11, allow this hardy marvel to grace your open landscapes and gardens, showcasing its resilience even when temperatures dip to 20°F.

  • Drought Warrior: As a beacon of drought tolerance, the Blue Agave Maguey Agave Azul stands resilient even in arid conditions. Its innate ability to conserve water makes it an ideal choice for water-wise gardening and sustainable landscapes.

Elevate your gardening experience with the Blue Agave Maguey Agave Azul from Everglades Farms. Embrace its captivating allure, relish the journey of growth, and enjoy the bountiful rewards it brings. Place your order today and watch your landscape transform with this exceptional succulent.

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Great company

Received my plants intact and I got easy instructions on how to plant them. Definitely purchasing more plants from Everglades Farm. Very happy

Reyna Garcia