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Apache Blackberry, Summer Bearing, Thornless, Plant

Apache Blackberry, Summer Bearing, Thornless, Plant

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  • Exquisite Climbing Vine: Transform any outdoor space with the beauty of the Apache Blackberry. This summer bearing floricane plant brings elegance and productivity to your garden or landscape.

  • Abundant Late-Season Harvest: Experience the joy of a bountiful harvest as the Apache Blackberry delights you with its generous yield of large berries. These late-season treats are a testament to nature's bounty.

  • Optimal Berry Size: Indulge in the delight of plump, juicy blackberries. Apache Blackberry produces remarkably large berries, each one a succulent treasure waiting to be savored.

  • Chill Hours for Peak Performance: For optimal production and maximum flavor, the Apache Blackberry thrives when it receives around 500 chill hours. This ensures that you get the best out of your harvest.

  • Ideal Growing Zone and Exposure: Suited for growing zones 5 to 9, this thornless wonder thrives in full sun exposure. Watch it flourish as it soaks up the sun's energy.

  • Unforgettable Flavor and Storage: Delight your taste buds with the Apache Blackberry's exceptional flavor. The berries store well, allowing you to enjoy the harvest's goodness even after picking.

  • Remarkable Yield: Prepare for an impressive harvest as the Apache Blackberry consistently produces high yields. Experience the satisfaction of your gardening efforts turning into a bumper crop.

  • Blackberry 'Apache' PP11,865: Developed by the esteemed University of Arkansas, this erect and thornless blackberry cultivar is a result of careful breeding and selection. Trust in its pedigree for outstanding performance.

  • Excellence in Fruit Size: Among thornless blackberry cultivars, 'Apache' stands out by consistently producing conical berries that tip the scales at a generous 10g each. Their glossy black finish adds visual allure to their delectable taste.

  • Superb Berry Firmness: Sink your teeth into firm, succulent berries. The 'Apache' blackberry's texture is a testament to its quality, promising a delightful mouthfeel with every bite.

  • Naturally Sweet Soluble Solids: The 'Apache' blackberry boasts an average soluble solids content of 10 Brix, ensuring a natural sweetness that elevates your culinary creations and fresh snacking moments.

  • Easy-Growing and Cold-Hardy: Embrace hassle-free cultivation with the Apache Blackberry. Its cold-hardy nature and adaptability make it a joy to grow, even for beginners.

  • Low-Maintenance: Thriving in full sun, the Apache Blackberry requires minimal effort to flourish. Witness its robust growth and abundance with minimal fuss.

Elevate your garden with the Apache Blackberry from Everglades Farms, a true testament to nature's beauty and bounty. Discover the joys of growing your own luscious, thornless blackberries and relish in the experience of a truly exceptional cultivar.

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