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Ackee Tree

Ackee Tree

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    • Exquisite Tropical Elegance: The Ackee tree, a member of the Soapberry family (Sapindaceae) closely related to Lychee and Longan, is a splendid tropical treasure hailing from West Africa. Its glossy evergreen leaves, delicate sweet-scented white flowers, and gracefully broad, rounded canopy make it a striking addition to any sunny garden.

    • Culinary Delight: The crowning glory of the Ackee tree is its vibrant red fruit, a true masterpiece of nature. As warmth and sunshine work their magic, the fruit naturally bursts open, revealing three luscious creamy arils clinging to ebony seeds. These delectable arils, although botanically classified as fruits, serve as a culinary marvel, suitable for a variety of dishes. The Ackee fruit plays a starring role in the beloved Caribbean national dish, saltfish and ackee, and holds the distinguished title of Jamaica's national fruit. However, remember that the unripe fruits require patience as they mature and split open naturally before they become safe for consumption.

    • Optimal Growing Zones: Thriving in diverse environments, the Ackee tree can be a cherished addition to your patio or indoor garden in Zones 4-1. For those fortunate to reside in Outdoor Growing Zones 10-11, this tree graces the landscape with its presence, basking in the glory of the great outdoors.

    • Sun-Kissed Resilience: The Ackee tree craves the sun's affection and stands as a testament to nature's strength, withstanding drought with resilience. Full sun exposure is its preferred state, allowing it to flaunt its beauty while defying the challenges of arid conditions.

    • Nurtured in Sunshine: Our Ackee trees are lovingly nurtured in the heart of Homestead, Florida, where the subtropical clCollectionsimate imparts its magic. Grown in our esteemed plant nursery, each tree benefits from the gentle embrace of our sunny haven, ensuring they arrive at your doorstep vibrant, healthy, and ready to flourish.

    • Growth Unveiled: With an average age of 6-12 months, the Ackee tree in its 3-gallon container stands as a testament to the potential within. As it grows, its stature may reach an impressive 2 feet or more, container included, adding a touch of majesty to your surroundings.

    • Nature's Seedlings: The propagation of our Ackee trees is a tale of natural marvels, beginning with the humble seedling. Each tree carries within it the promise of growth and splendor, a reminder of nature's artistry and resilience.

    As customers explore the Ackee Tree, they'll discover not just a plant, but a journey of tropical elegance, culinary exploration, and the artistry of nature's growth.

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    Ryan R.
    Ackee tree shipped to California

    I received within a week of purchasing and the tree looked great.