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Abiu, Caimito Amarillo, Tree

Abiu, Caimito Amarillo, Tree

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  • Abiu, Caimito Amarillo Tree available for sale from Everglades Farms, suitable for both Patio/Indoor and Outdoor Growing:
    • Patio/Indoor Growing Zones: 4-1
    • Outdoor Growing Zones: 10-11
  • Thrives in full sun exposure and exhibits excellent drought tolerance, making it a low-maintenance and adaptable addition to your garden or indoor space.
  • The tree is typically 6-12 months old and comes in a 3-gallon container, ensuring a well-established and healthy start for your plant.
  • Grown in our plant nursery located in Homestead, Florida, where it benefits from our subtropical weather, ensuring robust growth and acclimation to similar climates.
  • Propagated by seedlings, providing a genuine and natural growth process for your plant.
  • Abiu, also known as Caimito Amarillo, is a delightful tropical tree that will not only add beauty to your surroundings but also reward you with its sweet and delicious fruit. Embrace the versatility of this plant, whether you choose to grow it indoors on your patio or outdoors in zones 10-11. Enjoy the beauty of this evergreen tree and indulge in its delectable fruit, making it a fantastic choice for your home or garden.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Simone High

Already dying

Jonas mileon

The tree came fast, healthy, and well package. Thank you I will buy more tree from you guys.

Joseph Diebold
Great products delivered in great condition.

My Abui tree arrived in just 2 days after ordering in excellent condition. This was not my first time ordering from Everglades Farm. And I have never been let down. Two weeks in the ground and this tree is already showing new growth.

Bill Burks

It arrived in great condition i acclimated it to our heat here in southern california in the shade for a couple weeks than trans planted it a 3gal pot with my soil mixture of peat moss, sand ,pumice,rice hull,bio char,rock dust,worm castings i am getting new growth

Alberto Chapa
had root rot

ordered the abiu fruit tree and arrived sad, the tree was watered daily and noticed all leaves dried out and broke off. after all leaves fell i decided after two weeks to see if there was any issues with the soil, and sure enough, the roots were black leading me to believe that even after i watered it was no use since there was bacteria in its root structure. i contacted support however they do not care to help and will not issue a refund. will not order anymore fruit trees after this experience. all other fruit trees made it and are very happy. i will continue to search for my abiu tree in other places.