Coconuts Palm

All About Coconut Palm Trees

Native to tropical islands in the Western Pacific, the coconut palm tree is a beautiful plant that sprouts delicious coconuts. It’s a tree that will grab the attention of your neighbor, add intrigue to your yard, and gift you with large, ripe coconuts.

Why Buy This Plant?

Though known for their aesthetic in tropical climates, the coconut palm tree isn’t reserved to just the south and warmer environments. In a proper container, the coconut palm tree can grow beautifully indoors as well as out. Add a bit of warmth to your world with a coconut tree if you live up north.

When the temperature starts to warm up in the summer, move your plant outside, but know that you can always transition it back inside when the chilly cold of winter begins.

Planting and Caring for Your Coconut Palm Tree

Planting and growing a new tree from a seed can be difficult and a daunting task for new farmers. Everglades Farm makes planting your coconut palm tree an effortless experience.

Coconuts Palm
  • Planting- Your plant will come in a container that your tree can grow in for a year or two. You’ll only need to switch the plant out when it grows too large for the pot. This happens every other year. Increasing the pot by 2 inches every other year will ensure that your plant grows large and strong. You can also plant your coconut palm tree in the ground, but pick a spot where it can grow. Left outside, the palm tree can grow 50-100 feet tall.
  • Sunlight- Coming from a warm climate, the coconut palm tree needs full sunlight for 6-8 hours of the day. Plant in an area that’s unobstructed by shadows or place your container in the sunniest corner of your home.
  • Watering- Palm trees thrive in humidity. Misting your plant weekly as well as regular watering can keep your plant moist and healthy. To check when it’s time to water, stick your finger 2 inches into the soil. If the soil is moist, hold off on watering, but if it’s dry, it’s time to water your tree.
  • Pruning- You’ll find that leaves on your coconut palm may turn yellow or brown as the plant grows. Simply cut off these leaves as they change color in order to allow healthy leaves to grow back in their place.
  • Fertilizer- You’ll want a well-draining fertilizer. Palm-specific fertilizer will keep your tree balanced and filled with the right nutrients.

Why Choose Everglades Farm?

Everglades Farm makes the work of planting a coconut palm tree easy. Your tree will arrive in a container that it can grow in. There’s no need to buy a third-party plant container when you order from us. This simplifies the process of growing the tree if you want a plant that can transition in and outside.

Our trees are grafted to sprout in only 1-2 years, so you’re sure to reap the yummy benefits of the coconut fruit soon after receiving your tree. We ship the tree directly to you, eliminating the stress of transport. A coconut tree is the perfect addition to any house and the fruit that sprouts is a tropical treat that transports you to a tropical island with every bite and sip.