Blue Agave

The Plant Origin of Tequila

The Blue Agave plant is also known as the Agave Tequilana plant because of its role in tequila drinks. The core of this plant is used to make that Mexican liquor. However, the Blue Agave plant has more benefits than just this and can be a great addition to any home.

Why Buy this Plant?

This spikey plant topped with yellow flowers may initially remind you of a desert cactus. However, the species is more similar to a lily than a cactus. Still, it thrives in dry, arid conditions just like a desert plant would. This makes it the perfect plant if you live in a dry climate, like the Southwestern U.S.

How to Plant a Blue Agave

Blue Agave

Our Blue Agave comes in a potted container, but you won’t want to keep it in here for long. You’ll want to transfer your plant to a garden spot that receives ample amounts of sunlight (6 or more hours directly). To plant the agave, use a sandy potting mix that drains well. Traditional soil will not suit this plant. The plant thrives in drought, so soil that clings to moisture won’t benefit the agave.

The agave doesn’t fair well to cold. This is why direct sunlight is essential. If you live in a windy area, consider surrounding the agave with other bushes to block the wind while allowing the agave plant to receive ample sunlight. Also, this plant averagely grows up to 8 feet tall and up to ten feet wide, so leave enough room for it to properly stretch.

How to Grow and Maintain a Blue Agave

Keep your agave plant in a high-altitude area that receives lots of sunlight (at a temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit), and your plant is sure to bloom to its full potential.