Banana Plant

Most Common Banana Plant Problems And Ways To Fix Them

Banana Plant

Bananas are a very famous and favorite delicious fruit almost we all love to eat. It is highly nutritious and at the same time, it can be eaten easily just after peeling which makes it one of the most liked fruit.

Bananas are a delightful fruit that virtually everyone enjoys eating. It is one of the most popular fruits since it is both very healthy and simple to eat after peeling.

Planting the banana tree and growing your own bananas is usually done by experienced gardeners because of the problems associated with the growing bananas. The banana plants have many problems associated with them while some of them are easy to deal with and some of them are hard to tackle. In this read, we will address some of the most common banana plant problems and ways to fix them, especially for you.

The most common banana plant problems and efficient solution:

1. Yellowing Of Banana Leaves

Before thinking of anything else we would suggest you go for soil testing for your garden. The leaf of banana plants turning yellow is a problem, not to be ignored. The yellowing is associated with the lack of nutrients in the soil.

  • The low potassium content in the soil is responsible for the leaves getting yellow on the margins and tips.
  • Sometimes the yellowing is in the middle of the leaf which is caused due to lack of magnesium.
  • Lack of nitrogen causes the old leaves to turn yellow while the lack of sulfur will cause the yellowing of the new leaves.


Soil testing reports will show the required nutrient you must put the right amount of the required nutrient in the soil through fertilizers. Too much of a single nutrient will lead to the imbalance of soil’s nutrient contents. Sometimes the report of soil testing will show no lack of nutrients in such cases you can always think of water absorption in the soil. Too much water and less water absorption both cause problems to the banana plantations.

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2. Banana Plant Is Not Fruiting

Sometimes you happen to misunderstand the purpose of the banana plant you have planted. The dwarf banana plant and the pink velvet banana are the plants that are generally used for getting banana flowers. To choose the best fruit trees in Florida contact the best gardeners and avoid the non-fruit-bearing plant. The unfavorable soil, temperature, and the wrong pruning methods can be the reasons for the not fruiting.


To address this particular problem you need to figure out the causes which can lead to the non-fruit bearing. The causes obstructing its growth and nourishment should be fixed particularly. Planting blue java banana trees yields fruit in 9 months and grows faster. It starts getting the crown of leaves after 8 months. Order the banana tree in Florida from us and get the best fruiting plant and tree species.

3. Fusarium Wilt

The yellowing of leaves can also be fusarium wilt caused by fungus in addition to lack of nutrients. This fungus typically grows inside the channels of the banana plant in the veins where water transportation doesn't happen. This renders the plant nutrient deficient leading to the yellowing of leaves. This particular problem has extinct the most famous banana tree Gros Michael banana tree.


There is no solution to this fungus currently but it can be avoided by planting resistant banana tree cultivars. Also, you can buy one of the banana plants for sale on our website to get expert guidance about banana plantations right from the beginning.

4. Skin Cracking In Bananas

The main two causes behind the cracked banana skin are temperatures above 32 degrees celsius and excessive moisture around the banana plant during the fruiting period. However, a few types of banana tree-like plantain banana tree need moisture.


During the fruiting season, you must be observant of the signs of problems. The temperature should be kept in check and if the forecast predicts the heat waves during the fruiting season the bananas should be harvested sooner to avoid cracks in the skin banana. The proper ventilation around the plant would lead to a reduction of moisture around the plantation hence the problem can be avoided by watching the signs and acting immediately.

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned are a few problems we have addressed here but there can be numerous problems you could be facing with banana plantations that can be fixed if proper steps are taken.

For banana gardening, Everglades Farm has the best banana plants for sale to make it easier for new gardeners. We would recommend taking the necessary help and guidelines from the professional ones as and when required. You can also order plants online from our website.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult the professionals today to know more about more banana plant problems and ways to fix them
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