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Gros Michel Banana Tree

Gros Michel Banana Tree

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Introducing the Improved Gros Michel Banana Tree - For Sale from Everglades Farms, Florida

  • Experience the Classic Taste: Gros Michel, the historic cultivar that once dominated the banana export trade, brings back the classic banana flavor that has captivated taste buds for generations.

  • Resistant Cavendish Replacement: This iconic cultivar was replaced by Cavendish bananas due to Fusarium wilt susceptibility. But fear not! Our Gros Michel trees are carefully grown to ensure resistance to Fusarium wilt, giving you peace of mind.

  • Thriving in Your Garden: Our Gros Michel Banana Tree ships in a 2-Gallon plastic container, complete with nutrient-rich soil and triple layer protection for a safe and healthy arrival.

  • Impressive Growth: Watch your Gros Michel Banana Tree soar to heights of 8-12 feet, adding a touch of tropical splendor to your landscape.

  • Homestead, Florida's Finest: Grown with love in our plant nursery located in the heart of Homestead, Florida, where the subtropical weather ensures these banana trees receive the best care possible.

  • Versatile Planting Options: Whether you prefer container planting for smaller spaces or ground planting for a more expansive setup, the Gros Michel Banana Tree is adaptable to suit your needs.

  • Order Now and Savor the Classic: Don't miss your chance to own a piece of banana history! Buy your Gros Michel Banana Tree from Everglades Farms and enjoy the authentic taste of a bygone era.

  • Limited Stock Available: Act fast! Due to high demand, our Gros Michel Banana Trees may sell out quickly. Order now to secure your own piece of tropical paradise.

  • Free Expert Gardening Advice: With every purchase, receive complimentary gardening advice from our experts to ensure your Gros Michel Banana Tree thrives and bears delicious fruit.

  • Fast Shipping to Your Door: We deliver directly to your doorstep, ensuring your Gros Michel Banana Tree arrives swiftly and in perfect condition, ready to transform your garden into a tropical oasis.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Caroline Connolly

    Plants arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

    Clifford Bruker
    Great plant, poor package handling

    The delivery guy did not read the package or didn't care that it was fragile and had a proper orientation to be undamaged. As a result the top most leaf had broken off. it has since recovered and is doing great.

    Jason C.
    Gros Michel

    Banana plant arrived fast and healthy and has already taken off in growth. Was an easy experience and would buy again from Everglades Farm.


    Growing real nicely it’s about 7 feet tall. Patiently waiting for the fruit

    Bill Wright
    Very Fresh and Alive.

    Bought 6 Banana Tree had them shipped, arrived very Fresh and healthy looking, so far so good.