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Yellow Pitaya, Dragon Fruit

Yellow Pitaya, Dragon Fruit

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  • Yellow Pitaya Dragon Fruit - Taste the Tropical Magic!

    • Deliciously Sweet and Refreshing: Indulge in the mouthwatering yellow fruit flesh with a delightful, mild sweetness. Enjoy it fresh, juiced, or as a colorful garnish for your dishes.

    • Exotic Cactus Tree: Embrace the allure of this unique cactus tree, adding a touch of tropical elegance to your garden.

    • Fragrant and Beautiful: Admire the large white flowers with their sweet fragrance, creating a sensory delight in your outdoor space.

    • Versatile Climbing Vine: This adaptable vine thrives even in dry conditions, making it a perfect choice for various climates.

    • Grown in Sunny Florida: Cultivated in our Homestead nursery, benefiting from the lushness of Florida's subtropical climate.

    • Ready to Flourish: Shipped in a 3-Gallon plastic container, it's well-rooted and ready to grow in your garden.

    • Low Maintenance: Dragon fruit trees are easy to care for, requiring minimal attention to thrive.

    • Experience Tropical Paradise: Enhance your landscape with a taste of the tropics and exotic beauty.

    Transform your garden with the captivating Yellow Pitaya Dragon Fruit tree. Experience the allure of tropical flavors, fragrant blooms, and ease of care. Create your paradise with Everglades Farms - Buy now and make your garden magical!

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Customer Reviews

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Phung Nguyen
i have not receive it yet

been waiting for it for month they ran out

Barbara Thomas

I was excited that I found a place to get the yellow dragon fruit!!! I have always wanted a yellow dragon fruit. I’m hopeful that I will get fruit. I would like to know how long will it take to bear fruit. The packaging was good. I live near Everglades Farm. There was some breakage of the plant. Thank you.

John Pfaff

Great service